Obsek - Traumatic Experiment

Obsek certainly do unleash an experiment with their debut full lenth, but it takes some time to settle in. At first listen, the opening track may lead to the deceiving idea that the music is just a listener's average deathcore/ metalcore band, full of growls with offsetting shrieks/ snarls and a metalcore instrument formula. Quickly, that notion disappears however, as tracks like "The Missing Element" goes more for melody than catchy brutality and breakdowns. "Toadstool" features clean vocals, which are surprisingly good and rare on this album. "Twisted" is more basic deathcore style with the deeper vocals taking over amongst the melodies, but the solos are quite engaging, especially when somehow the band makes the clean vocals overlap with the death ones, giving the whole thing a strange choral sense.

"Then, I Relapse" bounces between deathcore and hardcore- the chugs are certainly well placed and catchy enough at times, but the gutteral growls tend to suggest otherwise. "Till The Last Drop" tends to sound a bit too much like how the first track was, but it is a good reminder to fans that this is basically the band's base formula- everything else is just testing waters. "Temptacles" is almost industrial like with vocoder enhanced vocals, percussive electronic beats, and almost haunting melodies. "This One..." isn't so much industrial, but the guitars feature a thick, distorted echo to their chugs, once again adding more experimentation and variety to the album overall.

The depth for this band is astounding. They venture into so many different areas but just far enough to make it interesting while not being random and sticking to a home base sound in their deathcore/ metalcore style. The music here isn't anything to blow minds, but it teases interest out of listeners to keep them hooked the entire way through. If one were to boil things down, yes it would basically be deathcore, but at least its 'interesting deathcore.' And that isn't something that fans will find much these days.

  1. Toward Another Dimension
  2. The Missing Element
  3. Toadstool
  4. Twisted
  5. Then, I Relapse
  6. Till The Last Drop
  7. Thus Falls The Curtain
  8. Temptacles
  9. This One Doesn't Start With A T (Jean Coutu)

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Feb 16, 2011

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