Obsolete Incarnation - Eradication Of Society

Although it's not clear if this six track release is an EP or a mini-album, it still kicks ass in the name of all things metal. Starting 2017 with an uncontrollable burst of raging riffs and aggressive vocals in the veins of Aborted meets The Black Dahlia Murder, is definitely one way to catch the attention of anyone desirable of something fresh in the market. And that's exactly why Obsolete Incarnation are ones to watch in the next coming years among the death metal scene. These German tech-grinding wizards know how to grill the minds of those seeking a modern brutality fused with an advanced technical, yet abnormally catchy approach. Avoiding the deathcore breakdowns yet layering the release with some sick slamming riffs among the tech riffs is menacingly crafted greatly within.

'Suffocate Humanity' is a fiery opener, bursting with intelligent riffage and varied vocal techniques. Immiediately the Aborted influences are noticeable here, as the deathgrind genre pummels rapidly. Vocals are spat in every direction, a combination of vicious yelping, death metal barks, and the slam-like impalpable noises that these underground vocalists somehow are able to spew from their demonic bowels.

Almost immediately after, sparks 'Limbus', which follows a similar path to the opener, although I slightly prefer this track's more slamming influences, especially with the executed pig squeals carefully placed within. The inhuman vocals are continued on further track, 'The Faceless' - a track which only increases the extremity in complexity that the band are able to offer.

After a brief comedic interlude, Obsolete Incarnation punch back in the game with 'Of Blood & Salvation' - My personal favourite among the tracks boasting of originality and perfectly constructed death metal with the finest production. It isn't long until final track 'Witch Hunt' delivers aggressive hits back and forth continuing the band's style and finishing with a sample that relates to the band's artwork amusingly.

With characteristics and elements that many other bands lack in this scene, I feel this release will push Obsolete Incarnation much further than a ton of other bands that get caught in the already mentioned genres. There's hope for a band that carries so much potential as shown on this release. The band are currently touring with their German friends in the mighty Cytotoxin and the Belgium brutes in Human Vivisection, a delicious healthy mix of technical and brutal.

  1. Suffocate Humanity
  2. Limbus
  3. The Faceless
  4. Interlude
  5. Of Blood And Salvation
  6. Witch Hunt