Obszon Geschopf - Highway Of Horrors

Obszön Geschöpf is a mis-translation of "obscene creature" in German the correct is spelled Obszönes Geschöpf but I prefer the spelling Obszön Geschöpf. OG was originally formed in 1996 by the wonderful Remzi Kelleci who is normally joined by a backing band for live shows.

Being an avid Obszön Geschöpf fan since hearing Cauldron of Human Flesh from the 2010 album Symphony of Decay I could not wait to receive this album because if Remzi has anything to do with it – which he has! I know it is going to be superb! 

I love everything about Remzi Kelleci, his voice, his I don’t give a fuck attitude and more importantly his spellbinding music.

The genres are appearing thick and fast and Remzi has now brought Electro Gore and Industrial Thrash to the forefront – is there no end to this man’s talents?

I personally would love to see Obszön Geschöpf live – it would be an outright pleasure to see Remzi (dubbed a mad man for his crazy antics which is what makes him so special) adorn a stage and to experience the wild goings-on for myself, maybe that will happen one day with a bit of luck!

I love something a bit different and Obszön Geschöpf definitely fall into that category - hook, line and sinker! The titles of the latest album are just Remziesque and just as horrific as his previous stuff – I am getting to love Remzi more, so it will be a sad moment when this album finishes.

For the industrial enthusiast this album is one of the best I have heard in a while with great harsh EBM samples that give the electronic palette something to savor, catchy melodies, tense atmospherics, which you find yourself unconsciously moving too as they are infectiously addictive.

Raw synth and gigantic stomping rhythms with harsh attitude that transports you to a harsh EBM environment where only the strong will survive its instrumental and vocal assaults. The ambient dark atmospherics will bury into your head and if you don’t go with the flow it will fuck you up good and proper.

The fragmented rhythms will release those highly delightful endorphins in your brain and contains a certain edgy dance attitude that your feet just cannot ignore. The pulsating beats will drag you to your feet and manipulate you to such an extreme that you will be carried along by the hypnotic formula that is Obszön Geschöpf.

Obszön Geschöpf is not just music it is a way of life! It goes hand in hand with a rough and distorted frenzy and will no doubt grab your attention.  Electro gore and Industrial thrash just begs to be listened to in equal measures and offers an in depth journey into Remzi’s world.

If Remzi was a virus you would want to catch it and prey there was no cure – it’s that addictive! Obszön Geschöpf were ahead of their time and still are, with each track being an anthemic killer that’s refreshing and inspiring.

Catchy bass lines from Matthieu the other half of Obszön Geschöpf offers the right amount of dance ingredients pounding and grating, this shit will control you in such a way you will be powerless to resist.

Pumping, powerful and with aggressive loops, solid bass, with obsessive rhythms that forces me to shake my head in synchronization to the wonder that is infiltrating the senses on such a hypnotic level – such a genius is Remzi he knows just where to hit to make your senses react like a knee jerk reaction!

Half way through the album now and each track is just full on “nommage” a tight and luscious fix of hard hitting pure adrenalin. Vocally spurred on by phlegm injected evil overtaxing the vocal chords this is one raw and raucous album for sure it has violated my brain waves so if I suddenly start twitching and mentioning seeing giant mars bars out of the corner of my eye then just ignore me – I won’t want to be disturbed in any case so leave me in Remzi’s world to feast upon the pleasures and fuck anyone for finding the cure to this addiction just leave me to ponder on these insane voice samples and diverse dark, heavy rhythms and let me die with a smile on my face!

I usually review each track in turn but with this album I would have too much to say for each track so just put everything together in one review to try and outline it in its entirety and want to say that there are no duff tracks on this album – every single track from start to finish will awaken the quivering soul and leave you gagging for more!

I thought there was a gaping chasm in my life and now it has been truly filled with this sophisticated and brutally energetic offering from Obszön Geschöpf. Urging you industrial freaks to get on this now and sink your sharp little molars into it and savor every morsel – you won’t get fat but you will feel overly satisfied and may feel the need to grab the headphones turn the sound up, close your eyes and hope your computer does not break under the weight of the colossal sounds that Remzi and Matthieu produce during the playing of this album.

You can’t just listen to this album once... now on my third listen and it just gets better with every listen – go hear for yourself!!!!  Believe me you need this album like a junkie needs their heroin!!! “What are you afraid of you little freak?”


  1. Human Beast
  2. Two Headlights Appear On The Road To The Carnival
  3. Highway Of Horrors
  4. How I Eat Your Mother
  5. Slasher’s Night
  6. Bloody Black Skin
  7. Sleazy Man
  8. Insane Impulse
  9. Easy Ride Corpse
  10. Dead And Buried
  11. Curse With A Teenager Slut
  12. Painkiller (cover Judas Priest)

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Apr 15, 2013

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