Obtruncation - Abode Of The Departed Souls

The return of Dutch death metal band Obtruncation with their second full length release is received with a bit of a hammer blow to my face. Man, this is an intense album. Take the technicality and brutality of the first Braindrill full length, add some Suffocation and you get where this is coming from.  There is a touch of harsher thrash on some of the tracks but you cannot go wrong with the likes of ‘Scourge of a Dying World’ and the brash opener ‘Abode of the Departed Souls’. ‘Slitting 1 6”’ is about Jack the Ripper, of name that brought fear to the residents of East London in the good old days and should blow away the imposters from this scene if they are ever relevant too with its meaty groovy riff heavy start before Obtruncation engage in their faster more brutal arsenal of filth and fury.

This is battering death metal at its near best. Ok, you do get drawn into some complex arrangements from time to time, but that is the nature of this beast. Impact on the listener will not be in question, impact on myself is rather positive after I’ve picked myself off the floor after the first listen. But looking objectively, it may be too much for the casual death metal fan to appreciate. Obtruncation have purpose, they have a whirlwind of ideas and they have an album that goes straight onto my shopping list.  ‘Abode of the Departed Souls’ is extreme, tight, technical death metal devoid of trends and is presented with some pretty striking artwork.

  1. Abode Of The Departed Souls  
  2. Guru 
  3. Scourge Of A Dying World  
  4. Slitting 16  
  5. The Presence 
  6. The Wild Chase  
  7. Callous Concept  
  8. Soil Of Disease  
  9. Winged Death Upon Earthly Life

Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 6, 2014

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