Occult - Elegy For The Weak

Newest CD from this Dutch black/death and thrash quartet. Never understand why Occult don't get that much media attention while they deserve it. Existing over more than 10 years (see their great DVD). With this album they are back to their roots and showing to all of us that the battle still is not over. 11 Tracks in a aggressive way (no intro but just ramming from second 1!) with blasting double bassdrum, the typical grim vocals and raving guitars. Not continous and monotonous but lot of melody, breaks and tempo changes. With this album they wipe a lot of bands from the table and showing that they are in topranks of the international scene! Reconmended to all of you.

1. Disturbing the dead
2. Nuclear torment
3. Nocturnal predator
4. Feel the blade
5. Expire
6. Warbeast
7. Obsessed by the grave
8. Slaughtering the pigs
9. Reapers call
10. Slut of sodom
11. Until the battle (bonus)

Karmageddon Media
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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