Ocean Of Zero - Where Sickness Prevails

From down under and the sunny climates of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland comes the Death Metal trio of "IncestBastard", "Ov Doom" and "Plague", more commonly known by their collective name as Ocean Of Zero, and their freshly released compilation EP comprising of their first two demo releases, namely "The Wake" from 2010 and its counterpart, 2011's "Shun The Light". Its obvious to see why this band was formed as if I had to live somewhere called the Sunshine State I'd want to create malicious music and rip peoples heads off too! Whatever their motivation for doing what they do though, it has paid off well as these Aussie Death Metallers have a sound so murky and straight from the depths of Hell itself that Satan himself is probably shit scared of these guys! Sporting a slightly below par level of production, Ocean Of Zero compensate heavily with a riff heavy blend of brutal vocals, destructive drumming and a sound that could have come from a late 80's Cannibal Corpse demo. For the faint of heart or hearing this is not!

It isn't just the growling, belching sound that Ocean of Zero get right though. Their song writing deserves a special mention as the bands use of guitar solos, break downs and tempo changes keeps their music fresh and interesting at all times. Despite the quality of production and perforamce not always being one hundred per cent, Ocean Of Zero manage to entertain and cause havoc throughout this compilation. Their sound is grimy filthy and pus filled, a ruptured vaginal sore on the flesh of Death Metal, fetid and ready to spread disease. I'll leave you with a public health announcement. My girlfriend was in bed whilst I was reviewing this in the living room with my headphones on and she came in and said "I can hear that even with the headphones on in the other room, your going to damage your ears!!" If that isn't a glowing term of endearment for any Death Metal band then i don't know what is? Answers on a post card, my hearings a little funny!

  1. Realm Of The Deceased
  2. Into The Obscure
  3. Inverted Sect
  4. Shun The Light
  5. Crawling Bastard
  6. Where Sickness Prevails
  7. All Crazed Mind

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst
Jun 18, 2012

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