Oceano – Dephts

Debut album for this talented young band from Chicago. Formed in 2006 Oceano involve former members of several local outfits that together are becoming one of the most important act of the Chicago extreme metal scene: and a debut album on Earache is the final proof. About the music we can say that we are in front of something of really heavy, guttural and brutal but in the way of modern and catchy bands like Whitechapel, Despised Icon, The Acacia Strain and others. If you know these names you know what I’m talking about but you must consider that Oceano are playing this same kind of stuff in a more angry and, generally, “less melodic” way; the skills of the guys are remarkable (and two special notes go to a really killer drummer and to a versatile singer), the whole offer is well structured and produced and some solutions are fresh and interesting (like in the strange and atmospheric Dephts). The problem in my opinion is that sometimes the hardcore part of the soul of these guys is too strong and the result is more like an Hatebreed album with a guttural brutal voice and some blast beats instead of a real killer death metal war machine. But we are talking about a debut album and about a positive debut, without any doubt: in the future I only would like to have more fast death metal and less groovy deathcore slowdowns.

1. Descent
2. Inhuman Affliction
3. A Mandatory Sacrifice
4. Samael The Destroyer
5. Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh
6. Disgust for Your Kind
7. Dephts
8. District of Misery
9. With Legions
10. Slaughtered Like Swine
11. Empathy For Leviathan
12. Plague Campaign
13. Abysm
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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