Oceans Of Slumber - Aetherial

From Houston: Ronnie Allen-vocals, Sean Gary-Guitar, Anthony Contreras-Guitar, Keegan Kelly-Bass, Dobber-Drums.
They stand here with a brilliant ultra melodic album that leaves me a nice taste to listen carefully, and is an excellent musical intellect in a band which provides magnificent creativity. Here are elements and features from progressive metal very sensitive and attract with substance and identity musically varied and estimable.

The album is melodically comfortable and significantly fantastic, and is well characterized in the progressive metal. I emphasize what is, guitars and bass working very inspired and very current, with modern textures, with acoustic and lead in many enjoyable atmospheres where everything fits well, and as a result we have a impressive album which I consider admirable, and for me this work consists in the (excellent), and I really feel very comfortable with the sound and with the compositions where everything can be seen here emphasizing a real ingredient that makes them interesting captivating!

Entering in the singer approach, well, is very diverse, with much inspiration and art of feeling which proposed, projected, and developed in constant variations (perfect)..., explaining it better, the singer emphasizes varying tones expanding essentially good in the genre progressive metal, and uniting everything comes to making this work an emotional album which offers a very striking pattern of emotion and arouses much interest with quality!

To finish and assign this band to fans, I recommend this debut album!
It's really very well done and inspired with a formula incredibly full nice feeling to pure emotion, and the album is inside in a categorical compositions fascinating of these days!


1. God In Skin
2. Coffins Like Kites
3. Memoriam
4. Remedy
5. Only A Corpse
6. Aetherial
7. Primordial
8. Blackest Cloud
9. Great Divide