Octavia Sperati - Grace Submerged

When you look at the promo pictures of Octavia Sperati the first thing you think is: humm rock chickies (5 girls and a male drummer, their 4th...). But you may not judge the band on their looks but on the music. Octavia Sperati started in 2000 in Bergen (Norway) and plays a mixture of doom and gothic. Clean singing vocals, heavy guitars and pumping basslines. Tempo is mostly mid tempo and not too slow but they can also go more up like in the track "...And Then The World Froze". They even cover a song of Thin Lizzy and bend it to a real ballad with vocals guided by a piano. But what I miss are the guitar leads (as they have two guitarplayers) who could add a real nice atmosphere. In the end you heard an album that can easily climb the charts of alternative radio.

1. Guilty Am I
2. Moonlit
3. Going North
4. Don't Believe A Word (cover Thin Lizzy)
5. ...And Then The World Froze
6. The Final Rest
7. Deprivation
8. Provenance Of Hate
9. Dead End Poem
10. Submerged

Candlelight Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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