Odem - Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve

The ferocious Blackened Death Metal output Odem unleash their torrential music storm upon listeners in their full length debut 'Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve.' Clearly touching upon the anti-Christian elements of Black Metal, the music here is as chilling and raw as an album by the likes of Marduk, very early Deathspell Omega, or even Dark Funeral. Track after track is a harsh, churning blast of guitar- sometimes almost fuzzy for atmosphering purposes- that spark of tremolo picking that is popular in Black Metal while at the same time full of blastbeats that are popular in Death Metal. "Crucifixion..." opens the album with a very strong Deathspell Omega sounding piece of music that is chaotic, all of the place, but unrelenting in the riffs with no sight of melody at all. In fact, listeners will find that this album is quite straightforward in each track with little regard for avant-garde moments of softness. The only time the music ever really lightens up is with the Depressive Black Metal influenced "Tortured By Razors" which really slows things down to almost a Doom pace, a huge change from the crushing pace of all the other tracks.

The only downside to the album is the vocals. Deep and gurgling, they find it difficult to compete with the music which swirls around it like a storm and it is nearly impossible to follow them or understand what they are saying on their own. They carry the qualities of downtuned Funeral Doom Metal which makes them great for atmosphere, but as far as lyrical delivery very poor and usually those who expect Black or Death Metal usually want to at least hear otherworldly vocals they can understand. The only time one really hear them is on the Antaeus cover of "Bloodwar III," a fast Black Metal piece that many listeners could compare Odem to and it certainly suits their style. However, for some reason the razor sharp tones of the Black Metal based guitars on this track allows the vocals to surface much easier. Overall, for those who like their Blackened Death Metal thick and atmospheric, then this will suit them well, but for those who are looking for clear production with lyrics they can follow without having the booklet in front of them all the time, then this may not be for them. This is gritty, churning anti-faith music meant only for the most depraved of Metal minds.

  1. Crucifixion- His Blessing
  2. Nails As The Weapon Of Hatred
  3. Completing Myself
  4. Tortured By Razors
  5. Immersion
  6. ... What Are My Veins Exhaling?
  7. VII
  8. Bloodwar III (Antaeus cover)