Odem - The Valley Of Cut Tongues

Take old school Panzerchrist and Beneath The Massacre and you have Odem's EP, The Valley Of Cut Tongues. Definitely interesting hearing a band be able to incorporate multiple metal genres together and be able to come out with something original. 

More and more were seeing bands with hardcore roots being able to blend just enough death metal and black metal to create something simply crushing. Odem is almost like a deathcore band drenched in black metal nuances. The riffs and song structures are much more interesting than typical deathcore type bands. They even throw in tasteful solos and a ton of melody. Very driving drumming but at the same time the songs have a lot of groove. The vocalist is on point with his delivery and his vocal style fits the music perfectly. The overall production is crisp and defined, while still retaining that organic quality. 

This EP is a great introduction to this band. I can't wait to hear more material as they release it.

  1. Nails As The Weapon Of Hatred (Alt. Version)
  2. Cult Of Flesh
  3. Healing Catalepsy
  4. Satanskin