Odious Mortem - Synesthesia

With 3 ex-Decrepit Birth members (Joel Horner on bass, KC Howard on drums/guitars and Dan Eggers on guitars) plus Anthony Trapani (Severed Savior, ex-Carnivorous) on vocals in their line-up, Odious Mortem instantly are an all-star technical brutal death metal band.

The band was born in the boom of brutal death metal that happened during the late 90's to mid 00's. Their debut album "Devouring The Prophecy" was back in the days when sheer brutality reigned a very nice example of how a brutal death metal band can integrate tecnical performance while retaining brutality. Their next album "Cryptic Implosion" (2007) kept the same direction. "Synesthesia" is their 3rd full length album and the first in 13 long years.

Keeping the death metal groove on Odious Mortem add technical guitar and bass playing in the opening track 'Dormant Retribution'. The vocals seem to have a very nice physical distortion of Malevolent Creation quality. The drums color nicely the riffs and phrases.

On 'Condemnation Foretold' lurk some Cryptopsy phrases of excellent technical quality. The band makes a wise use of the musical pause. The riff has the distinct Cannibal Corpse punchiness. Tuttis played before the orgiastic riff heads to a super nice lead. The second lead is bigger and chromatically better with a late Death vibe added in. Standout track? Most definitely.

'Ruins Of The Timeworn' features some nice thrash riffs plus a heavy atmospheric part and nice drumming. The lead part in the end is of the song shows again how talented musicians they are by sounding as if it was made for orchestra rather than a rock/metal band.

Vader and Malevolent Creation influences mixed are the generators of 'Replenish The Earth'. The song has an amazing lead of neoclassical quality. Such songs advance the level of the album and the whole band.

'In Abominable Form' is a nice tech/death metal song. Its riff is fast and claustrophobic showing another face of brutality.

'Eagle's Tower' starts with a nightmarish acoustic theme. The riff is a Slayer meets Malevolent Creation mash-up, so consider it as a more evil Slayer riff. Unholy and sinister. The groove of the song is purely old school. It's one of those riffs that beat down to become even more brutal. Great lead work again with many techniques and developing of the main theme.

A headbanger's favorite riff is what opens 'Cave Dweller', a very heavy song that brings to mind the old American u/g death metal of Baphomet and Banished. Another standout track for me because I loved to get the feeling of the old days back.

'Spirit Hole' has a super fast riff, punchy and sweet with a great tone. The song honors the thrash roots of death metal. One chord heaviness is unbeatable and sometimes more than enough. The a-la Andy la Rocque technical lead is simply elegant. Another standout track especially since the phrases sound as if extracted from Death's "Human" or "Symbolic" LP.

'Synchronicity' is an amazing neoclassical instrumental. The production is so good that it feels as if Jon lord is on the synths. The song is far from just being technical. This is really quality prog stuff here draped in brutal death metal.

'Dissonant Theology' is a nice way to end the album. The death metal riff with its twisted vibe prove the band plays sophisticated death metal.

The "Synesthesia" album sounds like a travel back in time to the Suffocation "Souls To Deny" period with some Deeds Of Flesh (Erik Lindmark R.I.P.) of their last albums due to their technical skills. Nevertheless, Odious Mortem are not technical just for the sake of it. It is part of their songwriting. "Synesthesia" is a solid tech/death metal album.


1. Dormant Retribution
2. Condemnation Foretold
3. Ruins Of The Timeworn
4. Replenish The Earth
5. In Abominable Form
6. Eagle's Tower
7. Cave Dweller
8. Spirit Hole
9. Synchronicity
10. Dissonant Theology