Of Fire - Dräparen

Of Fire are back to bring us their great Swedish old school death metal with album “Dräparen”, a set of good songs that touch several parts within the Swedish death metal, from melodic Dismember to death'n roll of Entombed, and the fury of Interment or first Entombed/Nihilist, every Swedish act have a piece here.

They began in 2012 called SPASM in Norrtälje (Sweden) and changed to Of Fire in 2013, and with this one they have their third album, under the label Art Gates Records, an album that sounds at same time old school, current,hard, melodic, intense. There are many bands that want to sound old school, and most get it, to sound old school, you need to know how is, and Of Fire know it very well, from composition to sound, it sounds like they want to sound.

Let's open the box.

'Stockholm Blodbad', good opening, a dense and heavy track, a march of non stop headbanging, and scream the chorus, groove, not necessary to go fast to get it. 'The Filth And The Fury', in this case, a track closer to death'n roll like Entombed for example, some faster parts and catchy chorus, in the middle a good melodic riff, and later a slow and dark part, and back to death'n roll.

'Satanic Warfare', a fast song, in the way of At The Gates in the fast part and Entombed in the other hand, in the middle a darker part, and other later crushing and heavier and dense to end. 'Dräparen' the title track is different, slow and dying sound with a ripped and whispering, and a riff that goes ahead step by step and get a dose of power and rage, turning even blackened, very good the evolution of this song.

'Let Them Hang', could be signed by Dismember, that melodic riff is great, with a chorus that has intensity, open chords and melodic riffs, later all turn faster, other melody to close. 'Necro Train' fast track with some slow parts in the middle with dark voices, no rest in this case. “Undead” a dense and heavy song, like first, not necessary speed, a mid tempo and crushing riffing. 'Atomvinter' to finish a song with crushing riff in the Swedish way, like previous, let's add some calm part with acoustic part and good chorus, melancholic, heavy, walking towards the announced decadent ending winter in this song.

Good album of this band, good production, good songwriting, old school death metal of these days, without unnecessary complex structures, to the subject, good chorus, catchy.


1. Stockholms Blodbad
2. The Filth And The Fury
3. Satanic Warfare
4. Dräparen
5. Let Them Hang
6. Necro Train
7. Undead
8. Atomvinter