Offalmincer – Filicide At Feretory

Formed in 2003, Offalmincer comes from Russia and “Filicide At Feretory” is their 1st and unfortunately last full length attempt, because the band is now split up. The songs of this album have been recorded back in 2006, but it seems the band spent some time looking for a label, something they finally did a year ago with the help of Coyote records.

The band plays death metal (of course), mostly influenced from the American brutal scene, that means the band emphasizes on the raw side of their music, thus no sign of melody here. All songs are brutal, monolithic and fast enough, full of sick riffs and tempo changes, something that shows the band members are capable of handling their instruments with hate, and know how to write concrete songs that do not make you wanna fall asleep instead of banging your filthy head! In addition, here you will find a really aggressive singer, spitting and vomiting all the time and in many known ways such as: deep growls, squeals, screams e.t.c.

Offalmincer is a cool band and I believe an average death metal fan can enjoy their music. Too bad the Russians split up, “Filicide At Feretory” shows they could have been capable of bigger things…

1. Voices From The Tombs
2. Filicide At Feretory
3. Heralds Of Death
4. Leprosarium Incinerator
5. Moribund Foetus
6. Disentomb
7. Rotten To The Gore
8. Catacomb's Revelation
9. You Must Die

Coyote Records
Reviewer: Iakhos
Sep 12, 2009

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