Ohm - Amino Acid Flashback

This is the band around some crazy and famous jazz and fusion musicians. The most know person is Chris Poland who was the guitarplayer in Megadeth. Instrumental songs based around rhythym and melody licks but totally torn out of sanity by the clear and precise sounding guitarfreaks and effects, inventive bassguitarloops and freaky jazzdrumming. All songs in different atmosphere but with recognizable sound and style. By accurate freestyling and floating telemetry these great musicians try to abduct your brain to twist it and put it back upside down. For fans of freeky jazz/fusion or lovers of guitarmusic....

1. Davinci
2. Tara
3. William's amino acid flashback
4. What if...
5. Joog in da boot
6. Compass of the heart
7. Icarus falls
8. Rooms of telemetry
9. Skint
10. Spun
11. Tattoo

Blacknote Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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