Old Man's Child - Slaves Of The World

Another solid release via Galder changing things up a little bit vocal-wise, but still writing killer guitar riffs! Not only is he on rhythm/lead guitar/vocals, he's also on keyboards, enhancing the axe-work with occasional background keys to create a darker sense of reality that he's interjecting on this one and a helluv an amazing melodic black metal release. Totally original (as always) musically/vocal wise, Galder puts together creations divine and ultimately serving towards the darkest pits of hell. Definitely he's met with the gargoyles of doom in inflicting the metal community with sheer blasphemy.

At first hearing of this album, I wasn't as impressed with it as much as I would say "Revelation 666 - The Curse of Damnation". That one is still my favorite, but putting headphones on and listening to this one only lagged in the snare drum department. What to expect to hear when you listen to this one is eternal darkness triumphant and it prevails on every track. The guitars/vocals are the highlights, not the disappointment of the "popping" snare drum. But forget about that disappointment and revel in this one as you may have done on previous Old Man's Child releases. A band should ideally progress as this one has, not regress like so many bands have over the years just to sell records compromising their style and creativity or even disbanding their roots sending them into oblivion forever (e.g. In Flames, Children of Bodom, Metallica, et al).

The music as I described is totally original featuring riffs that are tremolo picked like hell featuring a lot of intensity! It mixes quite superbly with the vocals not to mention the bar chords working with the choruses and main singing. Galder's also improved in his lead guitar playing on this one. Compare that to the ultimate release "The Pagan Prosperity" where the riffs were original like this one, but the guitar executions were far more primitive and lead work that I'm sorry to say, "sucked". This guy has improved so much musically and lyrically it's amazing. He just continues to progress. Good to know that the band is still active but it's strange that his efforts for some reason on Dimmu Borgir's latest were just the pits!

Again, what you will find here (defining my past guitar playing which I am no longer pursuing) is that Galder's creations of music riff-wise is ultimately advanced because what is heard in the guitars are straightforward bar chords with some backups of tremolo picked riffs alongside the chords in sequential order lasting only briefly combined with keys so you have a whole amazing aura of music that's so amazingly constructed it just baffles me. This certainly is beyond my comprehension where a guy can make this genre work not just with mindless total blast beating (referring much to Naglfar's "Pariah" release), the tempos vary featuring slow guitar mixed up with faster guitar work, but it's all molded out with each track featuring a variety to the music.

The production is superb and was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, where countless amazing bands like this one record their music. Everything is well heard and amazing that there are only a few members on this album, but it just works. Galder is one great musician and even though in his personal life like many musicians drown themselves in alcohol. Not a surprise that a lot of metal greats die so young. But just as long as what we're keeping relevant here without getting to far into metal history, "Slaves of the World" is just such an outstanding and amazingly wonderful melodic black metal album. You get everything on this one: guitars, vocals, keyboards and drums that simply dominate (except for that snare drum as I already pointed out).

If you read the lyrics you'll see that they aren't just rancid concoctions of no brain type of mentality, they're evil, but it fits with the album, images featured on the cover of the album and on the insert. I don't think that metal people put enough time into writing comprehensive and intelligent lyrics that is with exceptions. But I do say that Galder wrote some fine lines on this one incorporating music as I described and being divine and well thought out riff-wise and lyrically combined. The only thing about the release that really annoyed me was the sound of the snare drum (rehash me saying the "disappointment") of the album. That sound is "popping", but the rest of the kit fits alongside well with the music.

If you like melodic stuff that's dark, depressing, evil, sorrow-ridden, blasphemous, ill inspired, deep hated view of existence that "Slaves of the World" encompasses, this release contains all of these traits. Of course I will again point out how originally sounding this epic saga reigns, I cannot stress that enough. Nothing dull here, no tracks that are boring. Every damn song reigns and the atmosphere such an amazingly created sound that stifles the mind and doesn't lose the listener's attention or direction. A pure domination of metal that's going to stand out in your collection if it hasn't already. If you own it and disagree with my words here regarding this album, then create your own hypocrisy if you're into melodic black metal. I won't do it because to me, everyone that's a fan of this genre should own this!



  1. Slaves Of The World
  2. Saviours Of Doom
  3. The Crimson Meadows
  4. Unholy Foreign Crusade
  5. Path Of Destruction
  6. The Spawn Of Lost Creation
  7. On The Devil's Throne
  8. Ferden Mot Fiendens Land
  9. Servants Of Satan's Monastery


Reviewer: Death8699
Apr 12, 2013

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