Olethrio Rigma - O Tromos Tis Exousias

Never heard of this band before but this is their 5th album already. Olethrio Rigma plays a combination of punk, hardcore and metal. 9 Tracks of aggression and explosion sung in English and Greek. The songs have a certain cathcy hook so it is easy listening. Different vocals are heard through eachother and you get the urge to sing along but don't know the words... An album that has left a positive impression on me.

1. Into The Fucking Death
2. Iraq Ora 0 (Iraq Time 0)
3. Psema (Lie)
4. Fotia (Fire)
5. Dolofonoi (Killers)
6. Oi Opadoi (The Fans)
7. Skatokosme (Shitworld)
8. H Prodosia Ths Anthropotitas (The Betrayal Of Mankind)
9. O Tromos Ths Exousias (The Horror Of Authority
Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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