Omen - Hammer Damage

Speak of Omen, and you obviously think of their early material and cult status amongst many traditional and US power metal fans. Whilst recent material may have been scarce, I am sure there’s a few fans eagerly waiting for this, I know I was. There are a few tracks that really hit the classic Omen style and delivery, whilst others like ‘Eulogy For A Warrior’ tread water quite heavily and sound a touch difficult to deliver. However, those classic US power metal fans amongst you will be pleased to know that tracks like ‘A.F.U.’ and ‘Cry Havoc’ retain the masterful sound that this band are revered for. It has been some years since we have heard some recorded output and this is a release that has been delayed by other factors outside of music, but critically, it’s not the resounding comeback release I was hoping for, that remains true in this review cycle once again.

This line-up includes the return of vocalist Kevin Goocher (also of Phantom X) and in the mid-range works well. Whilst the elements of a band will change over time, understandably so, I will miss the full on barrage that this album could have brought. The guitar work is spectacular, if not a little chaotic in places, the overall stance is quite positive. But as I mentioned, I expected more. That’s just something for me to sort out isn’t it! Omen fans will likely ponder over this album, but the stronger tracks like those mentioned and ‘Hellas’ give the album the uplifting feeling desired from this style, but you may find some dank songs littered through the release.

  1. Hammer Damage  
  2. Chaco Canyon (Sun Dagger)  
  3. Cry Havoc 
  4. Eulogy For A Warrior 
  5. Knights  
  6. Hellas  
  7. Caligula  
  8. Era Of Crisis
  9. A.F.U.