Ominous Crucifix - The Spell Of Damnation

Death Metal crushers Ominous Crucifix from Mexico have surfaced with a debut album, which is pulverizing, enjoyable and... all seen before? Like many Death Metal performers today the band doesn't do much to break ground as far as being noticed, but the music they perform on 'The Spell Of Damnation' is well orchestrated. Some of it can be repetitive such as "Putrid Purity" in a cult sort of way (the lyrics can get stuck in one's head) and the sound is a bit off as far as keeping the music old school, but at the same time the distortion can be more hindering than helpful as the vocals are often pushed in the background over the guitars chugging away as fast as possible. Other tracks like "Church Of Death" carry a slow, eviscerating crawl with what sounds like some synth work in the background for atmosphere amongst the mixed growls/ howls involved with the music and gives almost a Doom Metal tone mixed with the Death Metal, which sounds more like the works of Incantation; most of the listeners will probably get into this song for its touch of experimental nudges as opposed to the more straightforward, Death Metal blasting tracks.

Lyrically and theme-wise, the whole 'anti God/ religion' thing has been through the grinder over and over (thanks Deicide!) so unless one feels morally offended or is just sick of Death Metal using such an album concept over and over, then it might be a bit harder to get on board with loking Ominous Crucifix. However, the Death Metal side of the music alone should be worth the price of admission as track by track 'The Spell Of Damnation' casts a web of crushing, yet intricate Death Metal that uses the 'cookie cutter' formula quite well. This may not be the most innovative liste, but it is a great start for the band. Most Death Metal fans will probably find something in this to like, rather than find it intolerable at all. Consider this group closer to a sound similar to Immolation if one seeks a comparison.

  1. Third Day Resurrection
  2. Putrid Purity
  3. Primitive Sin
  4. Defiling The Altars Of An Absent God
  5. Secular Omens Of Doom
  6. Church Of Death
  7. The Spells Of Damnation
  8. Repulsive Santification Of The Absurd