Omnicide - Risen To Ruin

Switzerland, besides the outstanding chocolate and its exceptional banking system, is also known for the quality of the metal bands that it breeds. I mean, who can not bow before Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Coroner? To be totally true I have to admit that I am not familiar with many more Swiss bands. But the ones I know, no matter what their musical style is, tend to keep a high quality on what they do. And here is Omnicide to, proudly confirm this rule! 'Risen To Ruin' of 2012 is their first full length album succeeding one and only demo, and also, it is my first approach to this Swiss death metal band. A general idea on Omnicide's music would be: a combination of brutal death metal with melodic interpolations. 'Risen To Ruin' is definitely not the brutal, gore spewing death metal album that was missing from your collection. It is a more complex aspect on death metal. One can find here, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide or Sinister, but also, In Flames, Dissection and At The Gates! The element of melody in their music is not just limited to their riffs but also extends and affects their vocals too. Many times in this album you will find clean vocal lines following a solo or an extended lead. And although this is not my preferable type of death metal, I can not do anything else but admit their skill and their ability to combine elements that seem to be apart. I mean I have to give it to them, those guys can really play. Melodic lead parts that follow crazy blastbeated riffs, succeed an atthegateish-riff, all that combined in great harmony. Makes you feel that everything should be where it is with no exception at all. Either you like melodic death metal or not, you will find yourself with a big smile of satisfaction in the end.

The whole album consists of 15 songs that have an average duration of 3:00 minutes and that is a total plus for them. Looks like they are hard workers. I mean, how many death metal bands you know, that have 15 songs in their first full length? And we're not talking about a grind band with 400 songs of 0:05 secs each... we're talking about songs with solos, leads and a great variety in the riffing part. Riffs that are easy to memorize as they are often enriched with lead melodies that stick in your scull like glue. An ultimate must for the fans of the Swedish death metal scene, and a great field to explore for the gory ones. Put your gore and splatter defined barriers aside for a while and give it a shot. This album totally takes you with it and you will loose track of time until it finishes. I mean... that should be a definition of a great album... shouldn't it?


  1. Introducing...
  2. Omnicide
  3. Landmine Marathon
  4. Deus-Ex Machine Gun
  5. All Heroes Must Die
  6. Something Wicked
  7. To The Bitter End
  8. A Finer Venom
  9. White Roses Under A Blackened Sun
  10. Chaos Reigns
  11. At The Gates Of Perception
  12. Demons Of Society
  13. Snowfall
  14. Nuclear Winter Wonderland
  15. Risen To Ruin

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 12, 2012

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