Omnihility – Dominion Of Misery

Omnihility, while not coming up with awkward as hell spelling band names, are a death metal band from the USA who are already on their third full length album in less than 5 years! “Dominion Of Misery” is a solid technical death metal album which shows just enough technical wizardry but pulls back just in time before it falls into self indulgence, there is subtle uses of melody throughout also which is a nice touch which adds a sinister edge and doesn’t dilute the heaviness at all, if you take later day suffocation with their crisp production with a vein of melody thrown then that’s what you are getting here.

What’s cool also is the band’s use of instrumental interludes. So often nowadays you get on a metal album some 30 seconds of floating around going nowhere and then go into the actual songs but here Omnihility use two fantastic instrumental interludes that Trey Azagthoth would be proud to use. When the intro was playing for the first time I was actually gearing myself up for a black metal album! But when the blastfest 'Psychotic Annihilation' kicks in you know you are a long way from the forest! The band plays with precision and air tight structures.

The album closes with an instrumental 'The Meaning Of Misery' by this I mean a real instrumental with the full band playing and this showcases the band have much more to them then technical death metal I would have liked the individual tracks to have been a bit more memorable and stand on their a bit better because they do blend in, after repeated listens it’s still hard to pick out any real stand out songs but the album as a whole does work. Take the brutality of Suffocation and the precision of Origin and throw in some melody and atmosphere and you’ve got a strong album. Not essential but well worth checking out.

  1. Morte Aeterna
  2. Psychotic Annihilation
  3. Immaculate Deception
  4. Dementia Praedox
  5. Dead Eden
  6. Within Shadows
  7. Reflections In Blood
  8. Parasitic Existence
  9. Necrotic. Consumption. Obsession
  10. Dominion Of Misery

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 8, 2016

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