Omnizide - Death Metal Holocaust

Omnizide formed as back as 1995 under the name Belzen having split to concentrate on other projects members AE and Mikael Nox found themselves coming full circle and reforming the band and re-naming it Omnizide having released a single in 2011, 2014 marks the release of the bands debut full length album.

"Death Metal Holocaust" is a slightly misleading title because (to these ears at least) it sounds more like a black metal album especially with Mikael Nox's scathing vocals. It has a very primative sounding production which actually benefits the songs and gives the album as a whole a very "live" feel. 'Rotting Flesh Parade' starts things off pretty well, there is some great shredding and great leads. Unfortunatly the rest of the album doesn't really live up to the pace set at the beginning of the album. It's quite samey and put simply it just doesn't grab your attention and stick in your head.

I've reviewed albums in the past were I've complimented bands that play black metal and death metal in a style long left behind by the majority of bands today. For example raw production, playing in the style of Bathory and the rest, but this time for me it didn't quite work this time around. After a few listens I struggled to listen to the album again in one sitting. At just 40 minutes the album feels alot longer.

It's worth checking out if you like death or black metal with an old school feel. The band is a supergroup somewhat, if you look at the individual members, all their cv's speak for themselves. It just doesn't feel like an album to be revisited again and again... sorry!

  1. Rotting Flesh Parade
  2. No Remorse
  3. Monolith
  4. The Eternally Damned
  5. Crystals Of Death
  6. Dead Planet
  7. Damnatio Ad Bestias
  8. Nuclear Strike
  9. Pleasure From Death
  10. Descration Art

Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 24, 2014

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