Oncology - Omniversal Antigenesis

Oncology are somewhat new to me, "Omniversal Antigenesis" is the band's sophomore and latest album and clocks in at 30 minutes and thirty seconds on the dot. A standard length for this sort of record. Brutal death metal ceases as one of the most difficult genres to stand out amongst, especially if you're a relatively newcomer band to the scene. The formula for this classification is about as common as cereal as a breakfast option when it comes to releasing an album, including the routine brutal (yet often impressive) album artwork selections.

If you can progress through the waves of introductive and often bland movie samples throughout Oncology's sophomore release then you'll be relieved to find some elements of talent and complexity within. Frequently boasting of touches from Defeated Sanity to Disgorge as showcased early on in 'Celestial Ruination'. The whirlwind technicality presented throughout the record would perhaps receive a better outcome if the production were a little richer in sound, as often enough the brutal gurgles and grunts of vocalist Geoff serves as the most gnarliest and interesting aspect. His vocal styles are varied, keeping you hooked from the very beginning, although are often drowned out by the annoyance of granny's pots and pans styled drumming that is paved throughout the entirety of the album. Although arguably this may be a complete delicacy to some.

As an album, "Omniversal Antigenesis" serves as your pretty standard brutal death metal release. Lovers of the genre will lap this up entirely, and whilst the pros outweigh the cons, just don't expect it to offer anything new to the realm of death metal.

3 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Expulsion Into The Human Psyche
2. Celestial Ruination
3. Ravagers Of Synaptic Cruelty
4. Virions In The Exosphere
5. Liturgies Etched In Blood
6. Tumultuous Echoes Of Punished Humanity
7. Omniversal Antigenesis
8. Moscovium
9. Transdimensional Blood Orgies In Overture