Oniricous - La Maldicion

Hailing from Spain, Oniricous play old school death metal with their own identity. "La Maldicion" (Spanish for "The Curse") is their new EP. After an intro which sets the necessary agony of what's to come, the band delivers straight forward death metal. All titles/lyrics are in Spanish. This differentiates the band adding also a south american feeling to the listening experience.

'Exhumando El Horror' ('Exhuming The Horror') is a headbanger's favorite. The vocals bring to mind Dave Rotten (Avulsed). The second and cruncier riff stands in line with the rich old school Spanish death metal tradition that -weird enough- shows similarities with the Swedish death metal scene. The melodic lead guitar is thrashy but also has the one eye in the East and its music scales (Eastern/Arabian). The distorted bass and synth build up an excellent passage to a second guitar solo. 'Exhumando El Horror' is a very nice song that every genre lover will dig.

'El Extrano' (Spanish for 'The Stranger') is up next. Obituary mid tempo groove with lower and heavier than before vocals. The song can be defined as death/thrash. It has the right groove. The lead guitars are sweet and nice. For my personal taste the cymbals could have been a little lower in the mix just to avoid their clinging sound.

'La Cabra Negra' is translated as 'The Black Goat'. The song starts with field sounds. The guitars dominate the speakers one by one building a heavy death/thrash riff. The lower notes of the riff make it more evil and the bridge gives a Mercyful Fate/King Diamond feeling. The lead guitar work is again very nice. At the end of the song the tempo becomes faster giving an unusual ending.

'La Maldicion" same titled song features the more technical riff in the whole EP. The chorus has a nice open chord work. The acoustic part of the song is Annihilator and Megadeth influenced, although it reminded me some early acoustic parts from early Sepultura records as well. The melody is absolutely brilliant and could have been found in a classic death/thrash album.

After 2 full length albums ("Ritos Diabolicos" "Diabolical Rites" - 2013 and "La Caverna De Fuego" "The Fire Cavern" - 2016), Oniricous seem to be in a very good shape. Fans of old school death metal and death/thrash and fans of the Spanish death metal scene will surely dig the Oniricous EP and look forward for their next full length.


1. Intro
2. Exhumando El Horror
3. El Extraño
4. La Cabra Negra
5. La Maldición
6. Outro