Onirik - Ab Initio

Onirik hail from Italy and formed back in 2005. This was a time before sub-genres were spewing from every inch of the world's extreme music scene, a time where it was appropriate to experiment into these sub-genres and where bands would get away with becoming somewhat original with their relevant material. Having only released some demos and a split EP, it's taken these Italian death metal bruisers a whooping eleven years to come up with this majestic, and enjoyable listen of an album. The wait has only gone to prove that Onirik are now ready to embrace their unique sound forward and advance, in the hope that they can catch up on some time that might of become lost, in the making of this release.

Opening track titled 'Panopticon' is an alarming yet thundering release of energy and aggression that's probably been held back all these years. The track is melodic where it needs to be, but the aggression from mainly the vocals gives them their death metal spirit. The greatness that this track holds is also recognised further on with 'The Absolute Scourge'. This song is fuelled with a haunting synth-like sound that interrupts the powerful riffs and death metal grunts. The synth effects are used on several of the tracks among the album, and work super effectively against the band's oldschool-death metal technique.

Despite only having eight tracks, the majority of these clock in towards the five-minute marker, leaving the listener fully satisfied after every brutal assault. The band are clearly stand-out material, especially after the second and third listens of the album, as each listen you become to observe the chilling presence that Onirik provide. This is used wisely in 'In Umbra Pugnabimas', one my personal favourites on the record.

It's become clear that Onirik are more than capable of releasing a cracking death metal album, but it's unlucky that it's taken them so long to release it. If this album had been created around a decade ago, Onirik's current barely unknown status may have changed drastically. Having said that, the wait has served us well and this album is almost flawless in it's entirety. Definitely catering for fans of the more old-school sounding death metal, whilst also serving a modern twist with some exotic riffs and synthesisers that appear desireable to listen to.

  1. Panopticon
  2. Herald Of Pestilence
  3. New Local Order
  4. The Absolute Scourge
  5. In Umbra Pugnabimus
  6. Onirik
  7. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D)
  8. Rendezvous With Rama