Origin - Antithesis

In July 1997 two guitarists met eachother and they started a pact to create a band embodying blistering speed, total brutality, technical proficiency, and the utmost in quality musicianship. This pact would be known as Origin and resulted in 3 full lengths already. Now 3 years later they come with 10 tracks packed in their 4th album.

"Antithesis" is a travel through your inner spine. It is so brutal, intense and vulgar you can feel it in your whole body. The drums are furious and blasting with gutteral vocals. But what seperates Origin from other brutal death machines are their guitars. The riffs go from wioei to whiahh. So fast and with creativity you get the cramps in your fingers when doing the airguitar.
Tempo is like a torpedo although they use some breaks to mid paced parts.

Origin is still in the top when talking about brutal death metal and so it is mandatory for the fans of sheer power.

1. The Aftermath
2. Algorithm
3. Consuming Misery
4. Wrath Of Vishnu
5. Finite
6. The Appalling
7. Void
8. Ubiquitous
9. The Beyond Within
10. Antithesis

Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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