Orkrist - Reqinae Mysterium

On the new label KRV comes out the debut of Slovakian Orkrist. Orkrist started in 2000 and plays heavy metal with influences as doom, gothic black and with medieval elements. The music has a variety of melodies: aggressive and romantic. The vocals are brutal (male) and atmospheric (female). Good guitarwork with nice solos. The flute (medieval) is doing good work. In the whole this is a nice album to listen to so I suggest you wil listen too.

1. Apron - Legio Diabolica
2. Nocturnal Rite
3. Orkrist
4. The Ancient War Spirit
5. Sword And Sorcery
6. Euthymia
7. Justice The Beauty (Andreuola's Tears)
8. Desire In The Grace Of The Night (Symphonie Des Grauens)
9. Reginae Mysterium
10. Mourning Of A Rose
11. Epilogue
KRV Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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