Orodruin - Claw Tower & Other Tales Of Terror

Orodruin is doom band from the USA and was unknown to me but this disc gives a nice overview of the band. Besides their doom music you also find two early demos in which you hear a complete other style: heavy metal but with some early doom elements. Even a cover of Quartz can be heard! But the current style is mainly doom as you can hear in the first 3 songs. Influenced by the others Orodruin created good songs with nice spheres and melody. And top of all, just DOOM.

1. Claw tower
2. Creation through death (reprise)
3. Unspeakable truth
4. Stand up and fight (cover Quartz)
5. Epicurean mass
6. Pierced by cruel winds
7. Sons of nature
8. Creation through death
9. Deity of wrath

Psychedoomelic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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