Orphalis - Birth Of Infinity

Review by Bert Trenning (facebook.com/bert.trenning)

Orphalis was formed in 2010. Orphalis stands for a relentless and technical breed of death metal, which combines creative songwriting, furious drumming and brutal vocals. The lyrical themes deal with philosophical matter and differ from typical death metal topics.

"Birth Of Infinity" is the new full length album by these Dortmunders and contains 11 songs. It is the second album of these gentlemen and noteworthy is that the "Birth Of Infinity" totally differs from the previous one "Human Individual Metamorphosis". But not a total surprise when you consider that three members were replaced.

Including the drummer and that is an advantage for the new compositions. They are thick and fat for sure. The drumming on "Human Individual Metamorphosis" was a bit too much for me with all the unnecessary details and cluttering all the spots. I am not saying the former drummer is bad because I know him too well on a personal level haha. But his patterns didn't fit the concept of "Human Individual Metamorphosis".

On "Birth Of Infinity" the gentlemen use another approach as they take more time for grooves and well worked tempos. Overall a very good death metal album that you must try out yourself.

  1. Awaiting Ascension
  2. Encased In A Higher Intellect
  3. Reshaping The Omnipresence
  4. Ingrained Absurdism
  5. Planetary Reinvention
  6. The Atavistic Tide
  7. Lay Bare The Loam
  8. Hematemesis
  9. Swarming
  10. Vanished State Of Divinity
  11. Inferiority Absolved