Orphalis - Human Individual Metamorphosis

German Technical brutal death metal is somewhat of an elite club, with my personal leader being Defeated Sanity, so there is a lot to live up too. Throughout this album, their first full length release, Orphalis tackle their music with a cool precision and arsenal of ideas. The only thing that I really don’t favour is the drum sound, sometimes the cymbal crashes sound too spontaniuops and random, the thundering kick drums do give you a good foundation but maybe the snare is tuned too high. However a track like ‘Anthropocene Purgation‘ at the tail end of the album finally settles the tirade and forms some sort of structure. The first real opener ‘Hypnagogia’ is very in your face and rather chaotic, pretty much what every “technical” and “brutal” band have been tryinbg to do for the last ten years or so. That does not mean that this is any less skilful nor talented, however I often find that this style can have too much thrown around at the same time leaving the listener, well certainly me, confused and perplexed.

Thankfully something like ‘Veins of Delusion’ keeps the spirit perky and interested; vocally this is now nailed and well balanced between the guitar although I still think the kick drum is that little bit too high in the mix. Taking a breather for the next drumming instrumental track it takes ‘Monuments to Aneristic Illusion’ to commence to really set out Orphalis’ stall. By this I mean this is their statement, a real kick in the crotch. Tight guitar passages and random twiddly guitar riffs make their appearance felt, and on the whole matches the intensity of the full album. I like the fact that there is a breather in the middle of the release, I like the overall level of musicianship and vocal style but there is something in the mix that doesn’t suit this release to a various array of sound systems that are not specially tailored to the sound that this album produces. 

Upon reflection ‘Human Individual Metamorphosis’ is a brutal album that is very similar to many of its peers, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.


1. Intro
2. Hypnagogia
3. Watchmaker
4. Veins Of Delusion
5. Prelude To Exsanguination (instrumental)
6. Gnosis In Self Immolation
7. Monuments To Aneristic Illusion
8. Giving Birth To A Hydrocephalic Deity
9. Black Floods
10. Anthropocene Purgation