Oshiego - The Heretic Priests Of Amon

A band majorly reminding me of oldschool Nile, with a slight advance of hardcore shoved somewhere in there will surely bring you to the knees of Oshiego, and their EP 'The Heretic Priests Of Amon'. The EP title will probably take you longer to read than actually listening to the three tracks on here, as I would of loved to hear more than what was provided. 

'Blade Of The Conqueror' browses several genres, using an oldschool death metal vibe, which may suggest production is not at its highest factor. Let's put that aside here, as the track boasts nearly six minutes in length, unusually still capturing my interest despite this hefty duration. EP title track then takes on the challenge of continuing the greatness from first track, yet lacks something to enable a suitable structure in which I was hoping for to stabilise for my needs. Final track 'Legions Of The Nemesis' is as epic sounding as it's name suggests, forging a more technical, creative sound than before, yet production is at a worse state than previous songs...

A boost in production and you'll have one of the best EP's to come out in recent death metal, although it's unclear if this sound was the actual goal for the EP, to gain that oldschool sound that their influences may have created many moons ago. Oshiego are a band to watch, especially for their majestic guitar approach in 'Legions Of The Nemesis' which makes their solos something remarkable, and soothing to hear.


  1. Blade Of The Conqueror
  2. The Heretic Priests Of Amon
  3. Legions Of The Nemesis (bonus track)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 25, 2012

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