Outcast - Mass Murder Fantasies

Belgium. A land probably most famed for its loyal and expanse hardcore scene. You could imagine my surprise when i heard these slammin` motherfuckers, Outcast from the very same country!

With hardcore being the dominant music in Belgium its safe to say that it would be a dominant factor in this release which I suppose it is. But by fuckin god its heavy and it sounds awesome!! its right up my street. When "Ultraviolence" sounded from my speakers I knew what I was in for! Think Skinless, Internal bleeding or Pyrexia delivered with the attitude of Agnostic front. It works so well its unbelievable in this case however often attempted by "insertnamehere"core bands, this packs a punch.

There is enough blast sections to appease any death metaller but enough hardcore style breakdowns to appeal to the wider audience of hardcore in Belgium. This has got to be one of the catchiest cds I have heard in a few years. If your not getting into the groove of this cd something is wrong with you.

The production on this cd is very clean, clear and punchy and extremely heavy. Vocally, they range from screeching highs to guttural lows and delivered in impecable fashion. The guitars are crunchy and heavy but I still feel there is a little room for heaviness but tis a minor gripe. if anything the guitars sound more of that of a crust grind band!!! my main gripe is that the bass could be a little louder in the mix. What really stands out is the drum
production, to these ears, its absolutely mint and continue to pulverise you throughout the whole record. Theres even a wicked nod to their peers Skinless, in the form of a cover of "Crispy kids". Cant be bad to that and its cruncher!

These songs on this album are written for the pit. nothing more and nothing less. With these tracks, Outcast mean business and they aint taking no prisoners! Promoters get in touch with these guys for theyre looking for shows, they are sure to fuck shit up near you!


1. Ultraviolence
2. Purged In Purgatory
3. Road To Fame
4. Hysteria
5. The Fruit Of Sin
6. In No God We Trust
7. The Daily Disillusion
8. Desecrated Dreams
9. Destination Nowhere
10. Human Apocalypse
11. Phoenix VI VI VI
12. Near The Mouth Of Madness
13. My Own Demise
14. Crispy Kids (cover Skinless)

Soulflesh Collector Records
Reviewer: Connor
May 5, 2010
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