Oxist - Demo 2010

Brief... that is all there is to say about the simply titled 'demo' from dark ambient/ doom metal act 0xist. They create a great atmospehre with their music; very fuzzy and crushing at the same time. It feels like funeral doom but doesn't carry as much weight or distortion, especially when it comes to the vocals, which are more of a rasp than a growl. The guitars are the typical electrified chug, chug, chug with the drums right in formation, but there are a few melodic bits when it comes to interludes or solos such as with "Old World Vanished." Overall, it is a great preview for what is to come for the band as the groan along without become too boring. The songs are just about the right length too; 7 minutes is epic without being too long. With so much ADD going around, it becomes harder and harder to keep listeners hooked for so long between tracks.

  1. Old World Vanished
  2. Of Wood, Stone, And Bone