Paganizer - Carve; Stillborn Revelations And Revel In Human Filth

Does anyone knows how many bands/projects Roger "Rogga" Johansson is in? This Swedish guy is the living proof that there is no rest for the wicked. The subject of this review has an interesting story. In 2002 Paganizer was put on hold and Rogga Johansson together with Andreas Carlsson (guitar) and Matte Fiebig (drums) recorded two demos and two albums under the name Carve - "Stillborn Revelation" from 2002 and "Revel In Human Flesh" from 2004. Both records were released by an obscure Brazilian label and went out of print pretty soon. So this isn't new Paganizer stuff but the two Carve recordings put on one CD and released together with three bonus tracks.

The fans of Rogga's bands and Paganizer in particular will not be surprised by this CD. The man does what he does best - pure oldschool Swedish death metal. The quality of the production is quite good especially having in mind that Dan Swano is the producer of the second album "Revel In Flesh". In terms of music you will get oldschool death metal guitar riffs,fast-paced drumming and the Rogga's powerful roars. Some tracks carry the influence of the mighty Six Feet Under ("Soulrape Unleashed"),others remind more of the recent Vader stuff ("Hunters Rise From Turmoil"),there is also a track with obvious black metal core ("Imhotep"). However the predominant music on this double CD is Paganizer's swedish death metal worshipping legendary names like Grave,Unleashed and old Entomed. My only problem with this release is its playing time. There are 21 tracks here and at some point paying full attention to the music becomes a hard task. Having in mind that Paganizer aren't the most varied band in the world such high number of tracks is too much for me. But in case you're Swedish death metal maniac then this may not be a problem for you. Check this CD if you are curious to hear another of the endless Rogga projects.

1. Darker Skies
2. Millenium
3. As Wolves Are Fed
4. Flatline
5. Imhotep
6. Burn The Dead
7. Creatures With Wings
8. Circle of Damnation
9. Operation Re-Crusifixion
10.Hunters Rise From Turmoil
11.As Wolves (bonus track)
12.The One True Hate (bonus track)
13.Cold As Fear (bonus track)
14.Storms Across A Dead Planet
15.Hatred Unbound
16.Soulrape Unleashed
17.Dim View To Afterlife
18.Amongst The Ruins
19.Humanity Delete
20.Fall From Disgrace
21.Evangelicum (Revel In Human Filth)

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Dec 27, 2012
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