review Perfecitizen - Humanipulation

Perfecitizen have been around for a while, though their latest offering “Humanipulation” has the biggest release gap between albums so far- about 5 years. This Czechnian group formed after the split of Alienation Mental which has been cranking out music since the late 90s, so these guys are no strangers to metal even though Perfecitizen has been ar …

review Sciatica - Sciatica

Sciatica’s was born of pain and literally dealing with the condition sciatica, which deals with pain going down the sciatic nerve that can affect leg mobility and basically make one feel paralyzed from the waist down. Solos instrumentalist Cullen Wade dealt with this condition for some time, and instead of turning to drugs or animal beating to chan …

review Somniate - The Meyrinkian Slumber

The debut album from Czechia’s Somniate is a raw, yet melodic black metal effort tinged with doom elements. “The Meyrinkian Slumber” evokes similar sounds to that of Acherontas and a less classically tinged Ghostbath with the mix of furious, yet melodic guitar passages, shrouded vocals, and mixed in slower moments to ease things up a bit. The drumm …

review Héboïdophrénie - Cannabilism For Dummies

Unreadable logo? Check. Brutal artwork? Check. Barbaric song titles? Check. That’s the initial impressions from France’s brutal “deathgore” maniacs, Héboïdophrénie… just don’t ask me to pronounce that! “Cannibalism For Dummies” is the band’s second album since their 2013 debut, “Origin Of Madness”. On a first venture through the record it’s notic …

review Volturyon - Xenogenesis

What we have here is the fourth full-length album of the Swedish band Volturyon called “Xenogenesis”. This is the first time that I hear about those guys which is strange having in mind that the band exists since 2006. But is it possible to know every band from the seemingly endless Swedish metal scene? Probably not… What you will find in this al …

review Abyssal Ascendant- Chronicles Of The Doomed Worlds

Abyssal Ascendent continue their Lovecraftian apocalypse with their second chapter of “Chronicles Of The Doomed Worlds” called “Deacons Of Abhorrence”. Just like the first offering, this French group continues down the death metal path in the vein of groups like Akerfeldt era Bloodbath and Barnes era Cannibal Corpse with mid paced, chugging death m …

review Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment

Pure chaos right from the start, Sxuperion’s “Endless Spiritual Embodiment” invokes thoughts and vibes of Incantation’s “Onward To Golgotha” but not just because of the similar style of song titles. The blistering sound of the ungodly guitars come through sharper than a butcher’s blade, but with all the foggy and muffled production. Added blackened …

review Maggoth - Maggoth

Poland’s 3 piece Maggoth can be compared to the likes of Slayer, Sepultura, and even Prong with their raw, yet catchy choice of thrash meets groove. It is raw, gritty music and yet cleanly produced enough that everything can be heard clearly, even if some instruments like the drums are pushed into the background at times. On their third full length …

review Once Upon A Dream - Cruciamentum

Once Upon A Dream is a five-piece metalcore band with members from Greece and Germany. Alcyone Records released their debut EP “Cruciamentum”. The cover artwork is a very beautiful and emotional piece of art with great colors and reflects in the most appropriate way the content of the EP. The band’s sound is based on mid tempo metalcore grooves wit …

review Infection - Beheaded Children Contest

Infection present some pretty amusing brutal death metal with their second EP entitled “Beheaded Children Contest.” It is a quick listen full of everything one could expect from a group from Peru that sounds like a mix of Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, and Torture Killer: blast beats galore with solid production all around, guttural vocals, really fas …

review Krigsgrav - Leave No Path To Follow

Krigsgrav is quite an interesting band, but a hard one to define as far as genres go. With elements of death, doom, black, progressive and goth, the band takes extreme metal to a level attempted by many but achieved by few. “Leave No Path To Follow” is a soulless and agonizing trip to where life is depleted and the aftermath of such has free reign …

review Kletus - Kletus

Leeuwarden based extreme metal band Kletus unleash a hellish sound on their self titled album. Sounding like a chaotic nightmare comparable to the likes of Nails or even Anaal Nathrakh, track after track hits hard with distortion, chugging riffs, unsettling vocals, and quiet passages here and there that just add to the foreboding before the track e …

review Oncology - Omniversal Antigenesis

Oncology are somewhat new to me, “Omniversal Antigenesis” is the band’s sophomore and latest album and clocks in at 30 minutes and thirty seconds on the dot. A standard length for this sort of record. Brutal death metal ceases as one of the most difficult genres to stand out amongst, especially if you’re a relatively newcomer band to the scene. The …

review Lupe - Burn

There are times when Art stands outside of the set borders. There are times when Art questions these borders. Who set them? Why? What for? For how long? Then Art questions itself. What is Art? There are times when the Artist denies individuality to express art. One of the Artist’s mains goals is to be set free to express Art. But how do someone get …

review Vacant Eyes - A Somber Preclusion Of Death

It takes a lot of patience to sit through anything that touches into the genre ‘funeral doom,’ and sometimes that listen through anywhere from 8 to 16 minute tracks is a total waste. Not so with Vacant Eyes and their second album, “A Somber Preclusion Of Being”. There is a reason every track is so long- this group carries weight in their music, bot …

review Obsecration - Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead

What best term could there be other than ‘OLD SCHOOL’ for this one here? New release from these Greek death metal legends Obsecration. These guys go back to 1991 when everything started more or less, went through many ups and downs but never stopped! With their previous full of 2013 (“Into The Bloodemonium”) still jamming on my track list when I wa …

review Incantation - Sect Of Vile Divinities

There is only a bunch of death metal bands out there I can recall who remained persistently consistent in their music style and their principles and generally in what they stood for over the years. Incantation is for sure one of them bands. Their unholy/diabolical and dark/doom perspective for death metal music keeps punishing our ears and brains f …

review Bestia - Karusõdalane

Bestia have come up with some pretty decent pagan/Viking death/black metal on this release. To me, it’s more of what it would sound like if Amon Amarth tried playing black metal with Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir on vocals. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, in fact the band pulls it off quite well. There is a certain “organic” feel to the way this a …

review Kârma - Illusions

Progressive metal is in a constant uprise after the 00’s. Kârma is a band from Greece who beautifully combine the 70’s rock/hard rock sound with progressive rock/metal. “Illusions” is their 3rd full length. ‘Path Of Light (Prophecy I)’ opens the album in a symphonic/operatic mood. Choir/soprano vocals and orchestral parts work really well with the …

review Background Noise Suppression - Dead Memories

Background Noise Suppression is an alternative rock band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2005. They released their debut single “Made Out Of Ocean” in 2006. Their first full length “Background Noise Suppression” (Petrol Music) was released in 2013 and “Dead Memories” (Alcyone Records – 2020) is their second full length. Background Noise Suppress …

review Carnifloor - Engulfed In Gold

Carnifloor is a solo effort band from Amsterdam. The band is inventively titled after his own name; Vocalist and instrumentalist Floor Van Kuijk, who has from what I’ve gathered, managed to complete this album by scratch including the recording process on his own. Having been in the brutal death metal scene for many years (Current guitarist of Korp …

review Putrid – Antichrist Above

“Antichrist Above” is the second full length album (among a hefty pile of Splits and EP’s) from blackened thrash three piece Putrid. It’s a dark abrasive album that show some genuine song craftsmanship in a sub-genre that all too often can fall into noise for brutality’s sake. Taking the chaos of Angelcorpse and the more sophisticated parts of Morb …

review Human Embroidery - Submissive Servants

Human Embroidery are three Basques are responsible for this mini CD “Submissive Servants” here. The Spaniards are active since 2019 and in 2020 they managed to release two singles (two tracks you can find here too) and this mini CD/EP whatever you wanna call it. Fresh band in the scene so let’s see what we’re dealing with here. Their base is grindc …

review Bloodfest Ritual - Altars Of Sacrifice

Los Angeles 3 piece Bloodfeast Ritual unleash hymns of blasphemy in death metal with their EP “Altars Of Sacrifice”. Drawing on influences that range from standard death metal to slam death and melo death there is quite a bit here that any sub-genre death metal fan can enjoy. Right from the opening track ‘Grave Fodder’ one will notice the clarity o …

review Sewn Mouth - The Narcissist

Sewn Mouth is a bunch of young people based in Thessaloniki, Greece, who formed the band to play deathcore/ modern/ groove metal. Their releases so far have been “Promo CD” (2014), “Lighthouse” (2015) and “The Narcissist” (2019) which is their latest album that we had the pleasure to listen and review. In a bit more than 30 minutes, Sewn Mouth unle …

review Hot Zone - COVIgnorant

In these turbulent times, we’ve seen a lot of reactionary music for 2020. Many metal groups have created albums to reflect the darker side of the political and social aspect of living in a global pandemic world in the last few years, sometimes on the literal, biting side and others on the somewhat hilarious, tongue in cheek yet still driving a poin …

review Voracious Scourge - In Death

Ladies and gentlemen under the “unknown” monicker that responds to the name of Voracious Scourge, there is for our grace and luck a band worthy of all possible and imaginable attitudes. But before unraveling this arcane mystery we will talk about the most important thing… music! Released in the second half of August and released by Massacre Records …

review Necrochaos – Crawling Through Cadavers

Originally released in 2019 as a demo “Crawling Through Cadavers” by Necrochaos, a one man project has been given a proper release by Godz Ov War Productions with two additional track. Necrochaos play death metal in that slow swampy way that Incantation and the like do. Typically the songs swing between a slow dirge and building to a fast grinding …

review Entropy - Denouement

Stationing themselves between the heavy end of metalcore and the obvious deathcore scale is Perth, Australia’s Entropy with their sophomore EP titled “Denoument”. Entropy are enriched with their new vocalist Samuel Worsfold, formerly of UK metal band Sunfall, who is able to take the band’s limits to directions yet unseen with an interesting array o …

review Pothead - Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Žižkov

The bizarre genre-smashers that are Pothead from Czech Republic enlist an almighty array of goregrind anthems to their early 2020 release that is creatively titled, ‘Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Žižkov’. Whilst the genre of goregrind is rarely taken seriously in the world of grindcore, there have been few exceptions to breaking the mould with such …

review Extinction - Smouldering Enfoulment

The message behind Extinction’s latest release “Smoldering Enfoulment” is interesting to describe. The band are righteous in their successfully driven passion to embark on the global warming crisis at hand. A situation that deserves more attention, so when it comes from bands in the world of metal – brilliant. Aiding their cause is the band’s compe …

review Mercyless – The Mother Of All Plagues

French death metal kings are back with their seventh full length “The Mother Of All Plagues”. Having been on a winning streak since their reboot back in 2011 the band are losing none of their venom, aggression and momentum and have delivered their most direct relentless album yet. ‘Rival Of The Nazarene’ attacks with an assault of riffage and pumme …

review Cryptic Shift - Visitations From Enceladus

I remember seeing the name Cryptic Shift mentioned by some fellow heads as well as their Bandcamp page attached. I quickly checked them out and was very stoked to hear more. Twan sent me the album, “Visitations From Enceladus”, to review and I’ve jammed this so many times. It’s fucking killer! Cryptic Shift hails from Leeds, England and formed in 2 …

review Dead Twilight - About The Prophecy

I had lost track of this Italian band Dead Twilight several years ago. “About The Prophecy” is their second official album after the demos released in the early years of their existence and their first full length released in 2015. Back to being a duo, the Bellante brothers release an honest death metal album so dear to the American sound. 9 very h …

review Kadaverficker - Kaos Nekros Kosmos

Since 1993, Germany’s vulgar-titled death metal assault known as Kadaverficker, have actually only released four albums. “Kaos Nekros Kosmos” being their most recent. Whilst I am not too familiar with the band’s previous work, this record is full of creativity in the genre of death metal that often feels a little overdone. The band are wacky and fu …

review SkullMaster - VoidWalkers

Portland’s extreme heavy metal group SkullMaster finally drop their full length “Voidwalkers” to pummel fans’ ears with. It’s thick, heavy and very old school ranging between slow, doomy passages and faster, more rhythmic tracks. Keeping true to the ‘Portland weird’ slogan the city is famous for, the tracks can seem a little all over the place at t …

review Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still

Ulcerate is probably considered the ‘Deathspell Omega’ of death metal. Ever since they exploded into the music world with their debut back in 2007 these New Zealand destroyers have created a hellscape of music that is raw, chaotic, and epic with slightly deeper vocals that can easily be mistaken for their French compatriots who go the black metal r …

review Cardiac Arrest - The Day That Death Prevailed

Another great contribution by the WHOLE band! Everyone worked greatly to making this an outstanding one for 2020. The vocals fluctuate which makes it more diverse and dynamic of an album. It’s surprisingly shorter than most of their LP’s (if not all). That doesn’t take away from their contribution to metal here. This is all in all pure death/rot. T …

review Exocrine - Maelstrom

France is no stranger to tech death metal, so when going up against juggernauts like Gorguts or Gorod who have taken the genre to successful extremes, it becomes hard for groups to try to find that right sound that distinguishes from the rest and still fits well in the genre. Exocrine have been at it for a while since their debut in 2015, and five …

review Deathcraeft - On Human Devolution

Deathcraeft (not to be confused with the 3 other Deathcraft’s that are out there) hail from Greece and deliver a mix of death and thrash metal with their debut “On Human Devolution”. Thankfully, these 3 guys try to avoid the usual death thrash pitfall of bands who get their start by trying to imitate groups like Vader or Legion Of The Damned. The r …

review Fleshwolf - Fleshwolf

“Fleshwolf” is the self titled debut from solo UK act Marty Robinson. Paying homage to the late 90s raw death metal sound that is populated by groups such as Dismember, Bloodbath, and Grave, one can instantly see where the music is going with the opening track’s crunching guitar. ‘The Rot’ hits hard and fast with throaty vocals- although they’re mo …

review Burn The Mankind - Chaos Matter

“Chaos Matter” is the second EP for these Burn The Mankind, band that come from Porto Alegre (Brazil). Active since 2009, the boys released only one full length in 2015 entitled “To Beyond”. Burn The Mankind play a mix of death and grindcore and this “Chaos Matter” seems to be their best result, both in terms of production and songwriting. From the …

review Onslaught – Generation Antichrist

UK thrash legends Onslaught are back with their 7 full length album after a 7 year gap. Of course it’s not like the band haven’t been busy. Releasing a live album in 2016 and a lengthy world tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of “The Force”. The band are back this time around with 3 new members! Newly initiated are guitarist Wayne Doorman, drumm …

review Soulcaster - Maelstrom Of Death And Steel

Soulcaster is a relatively unknown band from Belgium that only recently surfaced with their first EP, “Maelstrom Of Death And Steel”. The EP is short and takes lots of thematic elements and ideas from the Stormight Archives book series by Brandon Sanderson. ‘Soulcaster’ is actually names of individuals in the series who have certain powers, so the …

review Fovitron - Altar Of Whispers

The word Fovitron (“Φόβητρον” in Greek) stands for something fearful, something that scares you. It can also refer to the fearful masks of the Ancient Greek Theater or to the snakes of the Erinya Tisiphone (Erinyes were female chthonic deities of vengeance in ancient Greek religion and mythology). Fovitron is a Greek band formed in 2014 in Athens. …

Review Consumer - Consumer

Consumer were formed in Catania, Sicily in 2018. The Italians (with the Norwegian female guitar player) debuted in discography with the digital single “Solicitous” in 2019. The sole track of this single is also included in their brand new “Consumer” EP. The EP is released in digisleeve CD format. “Consumer” EP is actually a co-release of 5 labels ( …

review Sinister – Deformation Of The Holy Realm

Sinister have always been a reliable band, while others bands release a classic or masterpiece or 2 then fall from grace or spend the rest of their career chasing a long gone peak. A band like Sinister will consistently release 8/10 records. After 14 albums and 30 years it begs the question which would you prefer? “Deformation Of The Holy Realm” pr …

review Monumentum Damnati - In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King

Monumentum Damnati are a rather secretive band that take a rather theatrical step towards their music. Embracing occult album themes, mysterious names, and even refusing to be chained down to a specific location save to be ‘spread throughout Eastern Europe’ their debut album “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King” merges the beauty of gothic doom and sym …