review Kurnugia - Forlorn And Forsaken

This Ohio based band Kurnugia spews out some pretty brutal death metal! They’re new to me, but I’m glad that I was recommended to listen to the new album “Forlorn And Forsaken”. It’s fresh riffs and fast! But they’re diverse, too. I really enjoyed this whole album. It’s a step up from their EP. You can hear how they progressed musically since then. …

review Deathstorm - For Dread Shall Reign

Austria’s Deathstorm has been churning out thrash for about 10 years now, and while their style may not be as epic as some other bands or as progressive, they certainly have not lost their touch for creating some very catchy rhythms that no matter how repetitive will stick with listeners all the way through the album. Their fourth full length album …

review Bull Elephant - Created From Death

Bull Elephant really did not waste any time between this album and their previous album which dropped just about a year ago, so there was some pre-dispositioned fear that this one was going to be a little stale. However, the UK group has proven they still can create varied music with such a small gap that is progressive enough and still hits hard i …

review Varus - A New Dawn

Varus are a relatively interesting death metal group that inject a ton of symphonic melody into their work, but it is varied and dynamic and not just keyboards all the way through. Sometimes the way they employ the symphonic bits are a little odd as the music can sound too ‘happy’ or fantasy metal-ish which clashes with the harsher death metal side …

review En-Stigma - Reforming The Universe

En-Stigma are a very interesting band that seem to have coined the genre ‘galactic metal’. The sound is very spacey, operatic, and also heavy in a sense that it sounds like a mix between power metal, black metal, and operatic metal with lots of atmospheric and electric touches that will present listeners with a roller coaster of a listen that is qu …

review Buried Realm - Embodiment Of The Divine

Buried Realm has been cranking out albums since 2017, and it is pretty impressive that it is one person doing all the work. Usually people assume most one man bands are people with guitars, keyboards, a mic, and a drum kit, but based upon Josh Dummer’s track record from earlier years it sounds like everything he does is pretty live without much hel …

review Black Curse - Endless Wound

I started seeing the name Black Curse earlier this year. It was often followed by “AOTY”. I had to hear it. I mean, shit, look at the list of bands the 4 members of Black Curse also play in. Talk about pedigree. Ok, so now onto their debut LP, “Endless Wound”. Blasting off with the opener, ‘Charnel Rift’, is pure fucking filthy fury. That nasty “De …

review Defeated Sanity - The Sanguinary Impetus

In case you are into brutal death metal then the name of Defeated Sanity should definitely ring a bell. This German band has been around since 1993 and so far they have six full length albums with “The Sanguinary Impetus” being their newest record. Prepare yourself for nine bloody and rotten chunks of hyper blasting death/grind with strong technica …

review Disavowed - Revocation Of The Fallen

Legends in the genre of brutal death metal and I believe they don’t need any introductions. With their second full length being 13 years behind, the news for this upcoming new release from Disavowed came as a blast. Was about time we escaped the cesspool of new age deathcore bullshit and make our ears bleed with pure and uncompromising brutal death …

review Deathnoisefrequency- Horrid Dirge

It is hard to classify Deathnoisefrequency (a name alone that should pique interest no matter what it sounds like because it is pretty epic on that alone), a duo that hail from Saudi Arabia and present listeners in 2020 with a brief, but interesting EP titled “Horrid Dirge”. It is very cinematic and atmospheric, touching on ambient, gothic/ doom me …

review Kryptamok - Verisaarna

Krypamok have carried on their trajectory of blackened metal with, Verisaarna. Their previous recording, “Profaani”, on Helter Skelter Productions, is definitely in the same vein. And a good sound that is. “Verisaarna” (2020) delivers opening energy with power chords acting as the force, rather than some lead or synthy-opening. These elements are o …

review Asgrauw - IJsval

Asgrauw are a 3 piece Netherlands based group that perform their style of music in the old school, ‘kvlt’ black metal style that will appeal to those who enjoy the likes of Watain, Sargeist, or even Horna. It takes a bit to get used to their music even after four albums since 2014 as the music is harsh, yet buried with melodies from acoustic guitar …

review Perdition Temple - Sacraments Of Descension

“Sacraments Of Descension” is reminiscent of Perdition Temple’s debut, with solid rhythms, production quality, vocals and mixing. The actual leads aren’t as top notch as they were on the debut, but the rhythms overshadow that. So this is OK, but it’s not going to be as good of a rating on here. The riffs are wholly original and in your face FAST! T …

review Exhumed / Gruesome - Twisted Horror

Exhumed and Gruesome have joined forces to create a 5-pieces split (3 for the first and 2 for the Gruesome) entitled “Twisted Horror” released via Relapse just this month. Basically we are facing a Matt Harvey vs Matt Harvey. On one hand the story of the Californian death / grind and on the other his tribute band to Death present here with 2 songs …

review Visions of Disfigurement - Aeons Of Misery

How do you beat a massive, hideous monster devouring upon the city of Manchester? You get another, bigger and better monster to start fighting the previous one! That’s exactly what UK’s rising slam fiends Visions Of Disfigurement have done here with their sophomore album’s glorious artwork. Whilst 2016’s album debut “Abhorrent Extinction” certainly …

review Entera - Hate Factory

Entera are a 3 piece thrash group that have been around since the 90s from Germany, and while their discography release has been a bit all over the map as far as consistency, they have stuck to taking the thrash formula that tends to be a bit too serious for itself and poke fun at it while still making good music. “Hate Factory” is the group’s four …

review Eyeless In Gaza- Act I: The Protagonist

Solitude Productions is well known for signing on lots of underground and upcoming doom bands that have tons of potential, so new artists are always worth checking out on that label. Eyeless In Gaza is a one man group from Armenia that knows how to deliver sorrow and thoughtful darkness in epic proportions while crushing the soul with a rather clea …

review Fordomth - Is, Qui Mortem Audit

When listening to an album like “Is, Qui Mortem Audit,” one must be able to stomach the unsettling marriage of doom and black metal together. Fordomth present five tracks of crawling twisted sound that feels like a more simplified version of Ulcerate with its thick atmosphere minus the echoing reverb of the vocals which have a black metal roar to t …

review Extended Putrefaction - 5th Stage Of Death

Creepy samples taken from the hit comedy-horror Slither begin the introduction to Kansas’ latest brutal slamming death metal newcomer, Extended Putrefaction. If you enjoy your slam with some of it’s more retro format then this here is for you. Five tracks in fifteen minutes of pure, unrelenting brutality at it’s most honest ferocity. ‘Dismembered B …

review Witches Hammer – Damnation Is My Salvation

After a string of EP’s and demos in the 80’s and some compilations in recent years and building a cult following Vancouver shredders Witches Hammer have reactivated to release their first proper album “Damnation Is My Salvation”. Most notably drumming up interest for the band is main axeman Marco Banco who was once a member of Canadian black/death …

review Ritualistic - Hollowborn

Ritualistic has been around since 2012, but this U.S. based group has only recently put out their full length debut. The music is definitely a typical death metal opus that sounds like a mix of Inferi and Black Dahlia Murder with less screeching higher pitched vocals, but the production is clear enough you can hear the technical and melodic element …

review Dead Carnage - From Hell From Hate

Dead Carnage are a band active since 2013 from the Czech Republic, with former members of Disfigured Corpse and Antigod. This “From Hell From Hate” is their second official album after the first full released in 2017 (“Flesh, Blood, Orgy”). The band moves on an old school death metal canon, which flows without any kind of compromise in all eight tr …

review Werewolves – The Dead Are Screaming

Every so often an album comes along and sucker punch’s you out of nowhere and perfectly scratches a particular itch. Like a cold pint on a hot day or something simple cooked to perfection hits the right spot. Well Werewolves has done exactly that with this beast of an album. I’ll let the hype sticker on the album speak for itself “Werewolves are de …

review The Hallowed Catharsis - Killowner

The Hallowed Catharsis are a hidden gem from Vancouver, BC. 2020’s input from them is nothing short of a brilliant combination of technical death metal and progressive wizardry. “Killowner” is the band’s fourth EP since their birth in 2013. If you’re unfamiliar with the band or their previous entries then this could become a joyous voyage listening …

review Shrapnel - Palace For The Insane

Some sick thrash work that clocks in a little under an hour in length. And well worth it! This band definitely shows their influences to some old school acts such as Destruction (Germany), Exodus (Bay Area) and some heavy metal such as the old school Helloween. I enjoyed this one from start to finish! It was a well worth shout out from the band to …

review Lantern - Dimensions

The wait is over! Finally the Finnish black / death metallers Lantern return with their third full length album. “Dimensions” will be out via Dark Descent Records in the next days. Certainly many steps forward have been made, and the band’s compositional path has been consolidated within these extreme sounds. The monolithic production gives the alb …

review Digest! - Hard To Digest

Digest! are a relatively unknown group from Germany that provide punk crusted death metal that is rather catchy and grim without sound too old school fuzzy. Using twisted lyrics and imagery one could imagine if a group like Six Feet Under decided to go punk or fully embrace their rock side of their death n’ roll style, that’s exactly what one would …

review Northern Crown - In A Pallid Shadow

Northern Crown are a heavy U.S. doom based band from Florida, but they take the doom elements and stretch them a bit beyond the standard group. Usually one expects doom to be heavy, dreary guitar passages with thick percussion, mournful vocals, and keyboard or orchestral elements added in with depressing lyrics. When taking a listen to “In A Pallid …

review YounA - Zornvlouch

“Zornvlouch” is the debut from one man German black metal group, YounA. Shrouded in a mysterious haze just like the music, Mts has had his hand in quite a few other black metal bands over the years, mostly guitar work, in groups such as Evil Warriors and II. All are relatively underground with only a few full length albums out or demos, but Mts see …

review Foetal Juice - Gluttony

“Gluttony” the second full length served by those British bastards and…. ladies….You might need to bring another pair of panties with you if you’re planning on listening to this. Foetal Juice are no new lads in the scene. They’ve been around since 2005. Since then they’ve released numerous split cds and eps. Their first full was out on 2016. Raw an …

review Astral Sleep - Astral Doom Musick

Finnish doom quartet Astral Sleep first made their mark back in 2008 in the death doom community via Solitude Productions- an underground yet well represented label that presents artists from almost every sub genre of doom that exists. “Astral Doom Musick” is the band’s first album without that label, and for those that have followed them in the pa …

review -(16)- - Dream Squasher

-(16)- has been around for quite some time, so it is a wonder this LA outfit hasn’t gotten more exposure as they’ve put out quite a few albums since the mid 90s. They don’t have as big of a discography as say a group like Dark Throne, but over a span of eight albums -(16)- have built themselves quite a discography of tongue-in-cheek sludge doom har …

review Embodiment - Palingenesis

Embodiment are a four piece technical death metal band from the UK that really deliver a lot of melody amongst the technical side of their work with their 2nd album, “Palingenesis”. Heavy yet sprinkled with tons of softer moments, one could easily compare this group’s work to the likes of bands such as Inferi, who follow a very similar style. This …

review Féleth- Depravity

Féleth bring a fresh ferocity to modern death metal with their debut “Depravity”. Drawing on a sound that mixes death metal and a bit of groove metal, fans of groups ranging from Deicide to Lamb of God will find this Norwegian group a pretty entertaining listen. Moving away from the typical brutal or deathcore tinged style that seems to populate mo …

review Witnesses - Doom II

Lately in the last month the doom side of metal has been ranting and raving about Paradise Lost’s new album “Obsidian” as the triumph of the genre. For gothic doom the group did a wonderful job on that album, but it feels like a new contender for doom in general has broken the surface with Witnesses and their fifth full length, simply titled “Doom …

review Grim Fate- Perished In Torment

Grim Fate is a 3 piece death metal outfit from the Netherlands that are solely intent on taking listeners back to the early 90s and reliving a classic known as “Lost Paradise.” Their debut, “Perished In Torment,” is a great tribute the raw, yet mournful epic that launched doom pioneers Paradise Lost, and while listeners may feel it is a strong imit …

review Deathing - All Hail The Decay

“All Hail The Decay” is the debut EP from Finland’s death metal outfit Deathing. The music is a bit brief but tries to shy away from typical death metal groups like Six Feet Under, Entombed, or Nile and go their own route. Their style is more like chugging, thrash oriented death metal but not quite speed thrash death like a group such as Vader woul …

review Drops Of Heart- Stargazers

Drops Of Heart are a hidden gem hailing from Russia that perform a mix of metalcore and melodic death metal. If one were to mix Killswitch Engage, Disarmonia Mundi, and more recent In Flames together, one would get the sound that is on their album, “Stargazers”. It is heavy, but beautiful stuff. About six years in the making since their debut, the …

review Molog - Tri

Molog are a relatively new black metal band from Australia that take a somewhat melodic approach to the lo fi style of typical black metal. Combining elements heard from groups like Mgla or raw groups like Moon, there is certainly a depressive atmosphere surrounding the band’s debut album “Tri.” It is a fast album, churning out a rather standard bl …

review Vesicarum - Reign Of Terror

With a short dose of nasty, old school death metal decided those British ravagers Vesicarum from Kent to open the stage for their band in age 2020. “Reign Of Terror” is their first release as a band and consists of 4 tracks and an outro. The songs are mid-tempo, aiming to the groove mostly, bringing a lot in mind bands as Bolt thrower and early Ent …

review Mass Murder - Extreme Extinction

Mass Murder, a band formed by ex Necrotorture guitarist Francesco Corcio, arrive with this “Extreme Extinction” as their second official album after “Aracnofrenik” released in 2015. 9 tracks of pure and uncontaminated brutal death metal make up this work, much more mature than the previous one but which in essence does not give us anything new on t …

review Noose Rot - The Creeping Unknown

Noose Rot are a blend of death and doom metal straight out of Minnesota that perform music in the raw late 80s/ early 90s style. Fans of the buzz saw guitar sound that enjoy old school groups like Bloodbath mixed with the slower pace of very early Paradise Lost minus the gloomy tones will instantly find their music quite appealing. They only have o …

review Minatox69 - Collapse

Minatox69 is a metalband from northern Italy and was formed in 2010 by the members Fox, Bozart, Checco and Tado who where good friends at the time. After writing material and rehearsing, the band started to record a demo, and in the same year that the band started to play “La Forsa Nel Deserto” was released. Soon a lot of Italian shows followed and …

review Gloom - Rider Of The Last Light

Gloom is one of Finland’s more raw and chaotic black metal acts, so those looking to go back to the 90s when black metal wasn’t so avant-garde or symphonic and just grim and evil then they are an excellent choice. Their album “Rider Of the Last Light” takes furious black metal riffing that would appeal to fans of early Marduk with the attitude of n …

review Torrefy - Life Is Bad

Thrash has seemed be a bit one sided these days. Usually one will take the formula developed by Slayer, Exodus, or Metallica and expand upon it in their own way but still sound like copycats. The 35 or so minute albums of speed thrash riffs with snarly vocals are dime a dozen, so when a group like Torrefy comes along they need to step things up. Th …

review Göden - Beyond Darkness

Göden’s doom laden debut, “Beyond Darkness,” takes a genre of cliché beauty and beast vocals mixed with epic tracks of mournful guitar that are lead by a funeral procession of sad sounding keyboards and tries to bring something fresh by turning some of those cliché ideas in doom on their head while still retaining a core sound that is truly ‘doomy. …

review Validor - In Blood In Battle

Validor is an interesting group hailing from Athens, Greece that merge folk and power metal together. Originally a four piece the band now consists solely of Odi Thunderer who created most of the music to start with back in 2008 and currently handles guitar, bass, and vocal duties. “In Blood In Battle” is not a new album for them, but rather a re-r …

review Antipathic - Covered With Rust

Born at the end of 2016, Antipathic – an italian/american (Tato from Glacial Fear/Zora on vocals/bass and Chris from Human Repugnance on guitars/drums) act – released their first work called “Autonomous Mechanical Extermination” in April 2017. This EP included three songs that combined a particular form of grind/death metal and slam. Some months la …