review Requiem For Oblivion - Hindsight 2020

Pennsylvania’s Requiem For Oblivion are as diverse as they come. Since forming in 2007 the band have released a couple of albums and some EPs, and whilst I’ve never come across the band before, they appear to have a dedicated fanbase despite said fanbase lacking in substantial numbers. With an array of dodgy and amateur artworks presented over the …

review Disfigured Human Mind / Väättumänukku - Split

The title of the split is translated as “Gently smashing the human race like an atomic bomb of nuclear noise”, a phrase which accurately describes what you are going to listen on this limited to 100 hand-numbered copies split cassette tape. Disfigured Human Mind recorded their side in Portugal and the Netherlands. They deliver a lethal dose of Impr …

review Deathswarm - Forward Into Oblivion

Deathswarm are a new Swedish death metal band created by musicians who used to be in the Swedish old school death metal heroes Sarcasm who were active in the beginning of the 90’s and are also functioning at the moment. “Forward Into Oblivion” is their second record and if you like your death metal to sound like Bolt Thrower or Asphyx then this alb …

review Colossus - Degenesis

I didn’t know what to expect when I first put this CD in my stereo, so the raging madness that filled my ears is the same that grabbed me by the throat and throttled me for the next 25 minutes! Colossus bring forth a breath of fresh air to the genre of technical death metal with an array of time and tempo changes that keep the listener on the edge …

review Infected Humans - Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

Infected Humans are brutal death metal band from Ecuador, active since 2009 and just now releasing their first full length “Unexpected Traumatic Experiences” under the wings of Gore House Productions. Almost 12 years after? Well…. Why the hell not! “Unexpected Traumatic Experiences” consists of eleven songs including intro and outro. Full on blastb …

review Vultör ‎– Visões Do Fim

A war siren is the first thing you will listen on this tape. Immediately after that, a punk tempo drumming and a punk rock riff will break in. Mad Max’s vocals owe a lot to Lemmy and the band in general rocks out in a straight forward way that Motörhead fans will surely dig. The Brazilians Vultör were formed in 2017 and Visões Do Fim (translation: …

review Golgotha - Remembering The Past - Writing The Future

Golgotha are one of those relatively unknown bands from Spain that haven’t put out much in their 20 years of existence, and part of that may be due to the large gaps between album releases and band activity. However, they are certainly a death/doom act to follow as judging from their new EP “Remembering The Past…” the five tracks present are strong …

review Abandonment - Focused To Imminent Desolation

From Spain here is another project by the good Oscar Company, a musician who has played in at least a dozen bands including Catastrophic Evolution, Encephalic, With All My Hate and ex Reincarnation! “Focused To Imminent Desolation” is the first full length under the name Abandonment and does not differ much from previous releases. 11 tracks of brut …

review Relentless Aggression - A Shadow Of All Things Broken

Relentless Aggression are a classic thrash metal band paying a great deal of homage to the old school era of thrash metal. This can definitely be told from listening to their music as it almost identical to early Metallica with some differences. Old school thrash metal can be easily identified by the fast-distorted guitar and powerful drumming sect …

review Focal Dystonia - Descending (In​)​Human Flesh

Focal Dystonia is an international brutal death metal project started by Floor Van Kuijk of Korpse/Carnifloor fame. After writing the music for the album, Floor got together with Florent Duployer (Anachronism) who did the drum work for this release. From there they sought out 12 of the most intense and brutal vocalists in the genre of brutal death …

review Xeper - Ad Numen Satanae

After almost 7 years with no new music (save for compilation with their first two albums in the last few years), Italy’s Xeper is back with another strong black metal release. While not doing anything wild and experimental like a group such as Imperial Triumphant would do to garner some attention, the band sticks its more 90s/ early 2000s black met …

review Immortal Sÿnn - Force Of Habit

Immortal Sÿnn are one of those bands that you aren’t sure if they’re being serious or not with their music, but one things is for sure: it sounds like a lot of fun! While not quite party pirate metal where the ridiculous is enjoyed like groups such as Alestorm or even System Of A Down, this Colorado based group know how to blend the line between re …

review Korpse - Insufferable Violence

When you think of brutal slamming death metal this is the band that should come to mind. From The Netherlands Korpse’s raw brutality is immense, this is truly as heavy as it gets when it comes to the genre. Korpse offer a distinctive sound in terms of slam metal leaning incredibly into the brutal aspect which in all honesty you can tell just by loo …

review Upon The Altar - Absid Ab Ordine Luminis

Well, this time I review an album from polish band called Upon The Altar. They are active since 2019 in Tarnow, Molopolskie and they’ve introduced themselves as a blackened death metal band and I think they are mostly black metal but they’ve tried to do death metal’s specifications in their songs. Anyway, this is their debut full-length album which …

review Rapture - Malevolent Demise Incarnation

Third album for this Rapture, thrash / death metal band from Athens, Greece. “Malevolent Demise Incarnation” is presented as a direct album without any compromise. 8 tracks for a total of 44 minutes of pure sonic violence. A pounding rhythm section and a riffing so dear to the European masters of the genre. Good familiarity in wisely blending death …

review Feradur - Parakosm

Feradur’s first EP, “Parakosm,” is a nice little bridge to cross since their 2nd full length back in 2019. Not really doing anything different it feels like a little mini concept album that is dark, melodic, and certainly metal enough to be enjoyed for those who like the sound of Amon Amarth mixed with a group like Hypocrisy. The riffs are fast yet …

review Heretic Warfare - Hell On Earth

Heretic Warfare are an extreme death metal band from Munster Germany. Which is fitting as this is a monster of an album. Which incredibly low guttural vocals fronting an brutal set of riffs and blast beats Heretic Warfare will make you feel like a demon is roaring in an effort to intimidate you. “Hell On Earth” is a masterclass in what extreme deat …

review Kaligula - Doctrination Of Atisamdha

Indonesian death metal often punches hard, but for some major interest here we’re gonna need a shovel. As Kaligula’s second record and 2020 release, “Doctrination Of Atisamdha” sadly doesn’t have the desired pull for attention as others from their scene. And whilst there’s nothing specifically wrong with the album in general, there’s also very litt …

review Ephemerald - Between In The Glimpses Of Hope

In the land of the 1000 lakes, metal is king! This crown, although set with multiple jewels, includes a newcomer: Ephemerald. It is certainly a new gem to be added to the Finnish national crown. They are a Finnish melodic symphonic death metal band formed in 2016. “Between In The Glimpses Of Hope” is their first release. The combined forces of curr …

review Repaid In Blood - Reflective Duality

Self labelling their sound as “Geek metal” will always have its pros and cons for California’s most brutal band, as Repaid In Blood drop their 2021 album “Reflective Duality” – their second album in their fifteen year life span. The album covers the essential conditions for those looking for something recent among a crowded scene. Often able to sur …

review Obvurt - The Beginning

Debut EP for this Canadian all-star trio that features Olivier Pinard (Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Akurion) on bass and Samuel Santiago (ex First Fragment, Gorod) on drums. Complete the line up Philippe Drouin (ex Unbreakable Hatred) on guitar and vocals. “The Beginning” will be released at the end of March on the Brutal Mind label. 4 songs plu …

review Creeping Fear - Hategod Triumphant

“Hategod Triumphant” is the 2nd full length release from France’s Creeping Fear, and this death metal crushes. While their take on the genre is nothing new or revolutionary, they take the best of groups like Cannibal Corpse or Abysmal Dawn and inject a ton of groove into the music to make each track as interesting as possible. The opening ‘Collapse …

review Insect Inside - The First Shining Of New Genus

It’s always been between Australia and Russia for me when it comes down to exciting new bands popping out. And it seems Insect Inside are the next Russian gem to pummel through the debris and offer some relentless aggression that offers a healthy refreshment in the brutal death metal world. “The First Shining Of New Genus” is the debut album from t …

review Innersphere - Omfalos

Czechia’s Innersphere continue their melodic death metal path with their second full length album, “Omfalos.” If one were to take the heaviest parts of Amorphis (minus the clean vocals or keyboard melodies) and mix them with a little Amon Amarth and some vocal lines from the clean vocalist of Septicflesh, one would get the formula for Innersphere’s …

review Sulphurous - Encircling Darkness

Sulphurous is a two-men death metal band from Denmark (M – guitars/vocals and T – drums) who present two new songs in the form of the “Encircling Darkness” EP. The band exists since 2008 and has one full-length album “Dolorous Death Knell” from 2018. What you will hear in this new release is darkened death/doom in the vein of Incantation who seems …

review Ghastly - XV

The self labelled grindcore duo known as Ghastly, are a formidable approach to the genre at hand. “XV” is fifteen tracks of a diverse fuelled whirlwind of creativity and uniqueness offering fresh air into old lungs. Whilst the record barely surpasses a song every minute, it’s concrete enough to establish the band into grindcore territories. The pro …

review Trapped In Purgatory - Damned Nation

Trapped In Purgatory are a UK based thrash metal band, bringing back the old-school style of thrash metal, with head banging riffs and an abrasive vocal style Trapped In Purgatory are certainly a band to keep your eye on. “Damned Nation” starts off with the song prelude to war which is a soft acoustic track being the definition of calm before the s …

review Hegeroth - Perfidia

Hegeroth are a Polish melodic black metal band and “Perfidia” is their third full length album. Just released a year after their previous one it doesn’t stray too far from their usual formula they’ve presented so far. Relying on rather melodic riffs that are well balanced with the bass and drums along with shrieking vocals and atmospheric interlude …

review Buried - Oculus Rot

Directly from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, here comes these Buried… band active with this monicker since 2013 and reached their first full length with this “Oculust Rot”. Behind the name Buried we can find the voice and rhythm section of former members of Pyaemia and Disavowed. With this work the guys wanted to try their hand at something new with …

review Cathartic Demise - In Absence

Cathartic Demise are a progressive thrash metal band from Ontario. They have been ripping it up since their self titled first release back in April 2019. On April 9th they release “In Absence” independently. Being a progressive thrash metal band there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to this group. The opening track entitled, ‘With Lust’ …

review Wrathrone - Eve Of Infliction

I must admit that this is the first time that I come upon the Finnish death metal horde Wrathrone and shame on me because what I’m hearing in their third record “Eve Of Infliction” is bloody great! “Eve Of Infliction” offers eight songs of old school death metal mixed with some groove death’n’roll elements and from the opening track ‘As The Knife C …

review Deathblow - Insect Politics

Deathblow’s late 2020 release of “Insect Politics” already seizes your attention in advance with some artwork that will no doubt reel you in like you’re the biggest fish in the lake. Their trippy display of horror and space entices listeners into their world of thrash meets hardcore, with a hell of a lot of Power Trip meets Municipal Waste worshipp …

review Krakslott - The Witchhammer

Kråkslott are a sludge doom band hailing from Sweden that just put out their debut full length last year. Adhering to old school doom and heavy metal tradition in the vein of groups such as Black Sabbath or Sandbreaker the sound is very stripped down, epic and raw. With fresh material still in their minds, this three piece group have put out a sort …

review Abominated - Decomposed

First demo for this Polish duo born at the end of 2018 and dedicated to an old school death metal with a clear Swedish stamp. “Decomposed”, this is the title of their first work, consists of three pieces plus an intro for a total of 10 minutes of music. Raw production and in line with what is proposed on a musical level. Raw, cheesy riffs with a de …

review Saprobiontic - Apocalyptic Retribution

Saprobiontic’s music is as cool as their logo. What you get here is a reckoning, oblivion-styled death metal assault on the ears in the modern styles of Cannibal Corpse and Thy Art Is Murder. These German bruisers are no newcomers to the platform, as “Apocalyptic Retribution” is the band’s third release in total, and their sophomore album. The open …

review Evil – Possessed By Evil

Simply naming a band “Evil” gives two possible impressions; a rather criminal lack of imagination or a desire to get right to the point. With these Japanese blackened thrash metal maniacs it appears to be the latter and second full length “Possessed By Evil” ploughs into your ear holes like a deranged drunk driver through a shop window. As soon as …

review Anime Torment - Void Terror

Anime Torment are a deathcore band from Czech Republic who take influences from the earlier, more melodic bands in the scene but spice up their sound with a modern punch in production and a decent enough diversity within the six tracks on their new EP titled “Void Terror”. The record’s single ‘Easy Prey’ is surprisingly catchy; something that death …

review Nihilrage - Eternal

First official work ever for these Nihilrage, death metal band from Spain. “Eternal”, their first EP, comes with 5 pieces for a duration of about 20 minutes of pure death metal with multiple affinities with much better known bands. A very interesting intro opens the doors to the first track ‘Merciless War’, characterized by a solid and powerful rhy …


Tragedy In Hope is a one man black metal band led by Sasha Giller out of Russia that delivers an interesting slab of black metal with his debut album, “Sleep Paralysis.” Giller does everything on the album, from vocals to the samples to instruments, and while considered ‘symphonic black metal,’ Giller delivers a more raw version of groups like Crad …

review Sepulcros - Vazio

Sepulcros are a five piece death doom group from Portugal that have quite an impressive debut with their album “Vazio.” With initials shrouded in as much mystery as their music, listeners will find six tracks of solid epic doom (aside from the opening and closing atmospheric pieces) that will grip them by the throat and drag them down under into a …

review Misanthropy Apotheosis - Against Your Filthy Kind

This small but brutal EP is a sample introduction to those who have not heard the Greek duo Misanthropy Apotheosis. “Against Your Filthy Kind” translates the band’s message well: groovy yet hateful lines delivered by death metal snarls with a clear production so the feeling is still 90s death metal but not raw and fuzzy akin to a group like Dismemb …

review Pustilence - The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End

No, this is not the Dutch death metal masters Pestilence, it is the Australian trio Pustilence with their debut EP with the long title “The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End”. Sean Matulich (bass), Earl (drums/keyboards) and Taylor Burnett (guitars/vocals) present three tracks of merciless death metal attack plus one short inst …

review Astora - The First Flame

Astora finally unleash their full length debut after a few Eps with “The First Flame.” Hailing from Slovenia, this one person band spearheaded by Gedo delvers some great riff laden melodic death metal that leans towards progressive as well, touching on groups like Edge of Sanity and even some old school death metal in the vein of very early Opeth ( …

review VoidCeremony - Entropic Reflections Continuum

I’d seen the name, VoidCeremony, but had never heard them. Twan asked for a list of LPs I’d like to review and, luckily, he sent their debut LP “Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel”. What a fucking banger! It made it’s way into my top 5 of 2020. Formed in 2013, in Ramona, CA, this quartet has a few EPs to their name. Now they have a …

review Abythic – Dominion Of The Wicked

Old school death metal is a squelchy and muddy path that’s very well trodden, but it’s also an extremely fun path. I’m more than happy to pull on a pair of wellies and go jumping into some puddles of putrid blood once in a while. But every now and again, even while trudging down a fondly familiar path you thought you knew so well, you can still com …

review The Harvest Trail - Instinct

Australian newbies The Harvest Trail align themselves superbly within the melodic death metal and thrash genres. Whilst lacking a modern production, the band offer an oldschool effect on their entire debut release, “Instinct”. From opener ‘Victims’, a youthful, energetic presence is released and the album is unveiled into a whirlwind of chaotic rif …

review Belarus Beaver - Planet Of The Beavers

The album “Planet Of The Beavers” is a comedic approach to death and grind by the Swedish band Belarus Beaver. Whilst comedy in death metal is about as welcomed as Alestorm are in the metal community, you can’t help but be captivated by the dedication to take on writing albums fully based around these small semiaquatic rodents, known as beavers. Ev …

review Incinerate - Sacrilegivm

Incinerate is one of those bands that has gradually mutated into a sickeningly grotesque force of wondrous splendor that we call brutal death metal. Am I overstating the obvious? Not at all. It can never be overstated that this is how it is done and how it should sound. Already shown on “Eradicating Terrestrial Species” (read the review here) and t …