review Soulskinner - Seven Bowls Of Wrath

Ah Greece! Its sun warming the skin, its historical heritage… and its death metal! Since 2000 Soulskinner have been offering a death metal that is both sophisticated and powerful, with that majestic and grandiose side that is quite typical of Greek metal (Septicflesh, Rotting Christ…). “Seven Bowls Of Wrath” is the fifth album of the Hellenes, …

review Malfested - Shallow Graves

Debut EP for this new Belgian line-up Malfested that comes with an excellent product called “Shallow Graves”. 6 songs ranging from classic to more modern death metal. Clear influences that recall bands such as Bloodbath and Carnation but which fortunately manage to range over even softer and more melodic territories that make the work much more var …

review Ysgaroth - Storm Over A Black Sea

Representing metallers from Canada, Ysgaroth’s. “Storm Over A Black Sea”, features an array of techniques and styles. According to their Bandcamp page, “Storm Over A Black Sea”, is their first album, or it is the only one listed under their own profile. The sound runs a ton of styles, a lot more one might think of a trio. Maybe the close-knit band …

review Intaglio - Intaglio

Intaglio are one of those relatively unknown funeral death metal bands from Russia who put out a single album back in 2005 and then disappeared. Back in 2019 they resurfaced with a single and now for 2020 have released a ‘remixed’ version of their debut, “Intaglio.” As far as the ‘remix part’ of the album it sounds like slightly cleaner production …

review Coexistence - Collateral Dimension

Coexistence are an Italian progressive death metal band with an aim to impress with their debut album titled “‘Collateral Dimension”. Along with their space-nature themed artwork, which is glorious to view, the band also have an offering of sci-fi creativity within their songwriting and lyrical aspects of the record. The nine tracks span across ove …

review War Agenda - Propaganda

War Agenda are a German group active since 2012. “Propaganda” is their second full length after “Night Of Disaster” released in 2015. In times when death metal seems to be the master, here comes these War Agenda to offer us the their thrash metal with old school veins but well played, produced and in step with the times. 11 tracks that lead us to r …

review Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds - Exhumed From Eastern Tombs

This fuckin 2020 is coming at an end finally, and the struggle is all about finding the great moments and just holding on to them. Well… There’s one thing I can tell you for sure. These commandos here are definitely enlisted among them for sure! Lovers of the extreme… Worshipers of raw noise… Defilers of all that’s clean and plastic (Sound-wise)… C …

review Symbtomy - Demo #1

International old school death metal band, Symbtomy from Czechia/United Kingdom have released their first demo album which is called actually “Demo #1” on September 9th, 2020. They’ve released their stuff through digital and tape. At first when you start listening to the 3 tracks, it seems like you’re listening to the band Entombed which basically …

review Ilsa - Preyer

As a doom metal guitarist, I know exactly what I am looking for when I listen to doom bands and Ilsa hits that nail on the head brutally and with conviction. Ilsa is based out of Washington DC with 6 albums to their name, with their latest album “Preyer” that is set to be released November 20th, 2020. “Preyer” brings forth songs about a victim of t …

review Serpents Oath - Nihil

In, “Nihil”, Serpents Oath on Soulseller Records, has produced a great black metal album. Specifically, the opening ‘intro’ track, ‘Vox Mortis,’ opens with this soundtrack-like whisper or a quiet music and chant section, for seventeen seconds shy of two full minutes, sets the tone and the allows for a break to the full musical force of track two, ‘ …

review year list the fetus bin

TOP ALBUMS OF THE YEAR LIST 2020 2020 has not only been the most bizarre year, but it’s been a surprisingly decent year for underground metal. Here I’ve listed my top records from the archives of 2020. Diving deep into genres from black metal, deathcore, and of course the ultra brutal that came out this year. I hope you enjoy my list and hopefully …

review Perdition Sect - End Times

In a difficult period like the one we are facing in this nefarious 2020, four well-known characters in the musical world (Axioma, Ringworm, Incantation) have decided to occupy their free time during the various lockdowns to give life and set the sensations to music, the fears, the moods that everyone felt in those moments. The final result is this …

review Profanity - Fragments Of Solace

German death metallers Profanity will release the new (fourth) album “Fragments Of Solace” on December 4th 2020. For this release the german trio has decided to call famous people of the world death scene to participate as guest on some tracks. We’re talking about Terrance Hobbs of Suffocation, Dave Suzuki (ex Vital Remains), Dima Orlov of Fetal De …

review Act Of Creation - The Uncertain Light

There are a few things that come to mind when describing Act Of Creation’s new album “The Uncertain Light”. Raw. Powerful. Professional. Intense. For those that are unfamiliar with the origins of Act Of Creation, they first existed under the name of E 605 and went through several line up changes to reach the point where they are today. Hailing from …

review Spiritual Holocaust - Echoes Of The Apocalypse

Grim old school death metal of the 90s is what one will find when they hear “Echoes Of The Apocalypse” by Spiritual Holocaust. The 2nd full length from these Finnish pummelers lives up to its name with a buzz saw sound that thunders through and sounds akin of the likes of Grave, Dismember, or even Bloodbath with touches of Deicide. A rather midpace …

review Sarvekas - Of Atavistic Fury And Visions

Raw and hypnotic would be the best way to describe the Finnish duo known as Sarvekas for their debut EP, “Of Atavistic Fury And Visions.” It is about as raw as cleanly polished black metal can get- not quite as grating as older Dark Throne or Judas Iscariot, but also in no way soft. Think along the lines of Dark Funeral or mid era Watain or even ve …

review Depravity - Grand Malevolence

From Perth, Australia, here comes these Depravity. A band active since 2016 but with this “Grand Malevolence” they already reach their second full album after releasing “Evil Upheaval” two years ago. Also under Transcending Obscurity Records, “Grand Malevolence” presents itself as one of the best record releases of this 2020. 50 minutes of crazy de …

review Thrashera - Não Gosto!

Straight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thrashera are sure to deliver what their name promises! Pure old school thrash metal! Brazil is definitely a country with a huge production in every underground metal subgenre and has given the world bands that wrote history in speed/thrash/deathrash like Dorsal Atlântica, Taurus, Korzus, Armagedom and Sextrash …

review Pneuma Hagion - Voidgazer

Unfortunately, this name of the Pneuma Hagion is unknown to me; infernal creature created by the mysterious “R” who since the beginning of its incarnation (2015) deals with all the tools. Only in 2019 he is be joined by the one who still resists today as a drummer. 5 years.. 3 demos, 2 splits, an EP, a compilation released in 2018 (I think it conta …

review Shattered Hope - Vespers

Shattered Hope are no strangers to funeral doom with touches of death metal, but on their third full length effort “Verspers,” it feels they’ve lost their way a bit. Their debut back in 2010 was a crushingly melancholic effort that was gorgeous and haunting, and their second effort was pretty close, but here it feels they’ve stumbled a little. Mayb …

review Satan’s Fall - Final Day

Satan’s Fall are a Finnish heavy metal/speed metal group that perform in the vein of more classic groups like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest or even more contemporary artists like Airbourne. Their debut full length “Final Day” doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but it is a solid effort full of a great mix of rock and metal tracks that wil …

review Grog - Ablutionary Rituals

Out of this world voices, sounding as if coming from the asylum, laid over a heavy riff and mixed with noise drone passages is what enters the listener to the sick world Grog create with “Ablutionary Rituals”. ‘Revelation – Open Wound’ seems to be a very suitable title for the opening track. ‘Uterine Casket’ savagely hits my speakers, like a panzer …

review Inhumanity Vortex - Reverse Engineering

Inhumanity Vortex are a death / alternative metal band from Bialystok (Poland) and active since 2008 under the name of Inhumanity. Under this name they released 3 demos and a compilation. In 2017 they decide to change their name and officially switch to the current one. The result of the work of Tomasz Dziekoński, “Reverse Engineering” is an excell …

review Scimitar - Shadows Of Man

It has been quite a while since these sword brandishing Canadians rocked into battle since their debut back in 2011, so pagan metal fans should be quite excited with the second offering from Scimitar. Changing a few things the group seems to stick with their melodic death metal roots while adding in the folk/ pagan elements to try and keep the albu …

review Luna's Call - Void

Luna’s Call are incredibly thought provoking and complex with their second album, “Void.” Merging the likes of Opeth meets Cynic, there are tons of jazzy riffs, crushing growled vocals opposing soft, harmonized cleans, and a roller coaster ride of paces that keep listeners on edge with every track. The opening track pretty much sums up what to expe …

review Romuvos - The Baltic Crusade

Romuvos hail from Lituania and Germany and deliver listeners rather hypnotic, but extremely catchy folk oriented rock/ viking metal. While lots of groups in this genre tend to lean towards the melo death or black metal tinged side of things such as Ensiferum or Enslaved, Romuvos are more in the middle ground, relying on simple groove riffs, chant l …

review Lucid Dream - The Great Dance Of The Spirit

Lucid Dream has gone through a bit of a lineup change since their last album in 2016. Brainchild and guitar wizard Simone Terigi still helms the instrumental prowess ever since he started Lucid Dream back in 2011 with their debut “Visions From Cosmos 11,” but there has been a loss of a few key members such as vocalist Alessio Calandriello and drumm …

review Spirit Of Rebellion - Time For Global Refusal

Spirit Of Rebellion is the crushing sound of a group fed up with life’s hypocritical structures and just taking a hammer to the structure and blowing everything down. This album hits hard and fast like Cannibal Corpse with some tasteful groove in the vein of Deicide and tops things off with a brutal tone in the vein of Belphegor. “Time For Global R …

review In Malice’s Wake - The Blindness Of Faith

In Malice’s Wake is no stranger to thrash metal, as they have been active for more than 15 years since their EP back in 2005. Originally sounding like a typical thrash group one would hear in the vein of Slayer or Exodus, over the years these Australians have honed their sound album after album, slowly moving away from the 90s speed thrash sound an …

review Echidna - Escape From Civilization

It has been about 10 years since Greece’s death/thrash prog group Echidna have laid anything new down for metal listeners to enjoy, but this large gap of time was well worth the wait. For those who have never heard these guys before, they take traces of Sylosis, Gojira, and The Faceless to craft a thoughtful and engaging album. The core is certainl …

review Vai-te Foder - Poço

Vai-te Foder from Portugal were born in 2003 to make noise a threat again! “Poço” is their second full length album release after the “Vai-Te Foder” cassette EP (2009) and “Viciados No Degredo” full length (2010). From the very first moments of the album it gets clear that in “Poço” Vai-te Foder play a heavy and violent crossover mix of crust/punk …

review Faceless Burial - Speciation

Well, FUCK! I was stoked on Faceless Burial’s first LP, “Grotesque Miscreation”. Then word gets out they had a 2nd LP coming up. A track gets released and everyone in my circle, including myself, were fucking blown. This Aussie trio may have just dropped 2020’s AOTY. So, let’s get on it. 6 songs in total. Just clocking in 38 minutes, “Speciation” i …

review SAD - Misty Breath Of Ancient Forests

In this new album, “Misty Breath Of Ancient Forests”, SAD, has released a forceful project in the tradition of the best black metal. The drums are blasting from the start and the vocals do not sink below the force set up in the music – they really mix well with the entire album’s energy. For instance, the opening track, ‘Self Hatred,’ features very …

review Decayed Flesh - Eternal Misery

Indonesian brutal death metal newcomers hop onto the scene as ‘Into Eternity’ offers a promising introduction entry to Decayed Flesh’s latest album, “Eternal Misery”. Setting the tone with an eerie atmospheric build-up of melodic riffs, you wouldn’t actually believe this was about to explode into pots n’ pans styled drumming and brutal slamming rif …

review Inferi - Of Sunless Realms

Inferi’s latest release is in the form an EP, over twenty minutes in five tracks of pure melodic death metal meets technical brutality. The EP titled “Of Sunless Realms”, continues the band’s unique approach to writing metal with influences of myth and fantasy. Often the fantasy realm of metal goes in either direction of pure cringe, or absolutely …

review Texas Murder Crew - Everyone’s Last Breath

Texas Murder Crew’s “Everyone’s Last Breath” takes on an unbelievably maniacal mindset upon the start of the intro in which the band include an almost black metal sounding blast beat drumming excerpt, but still maintaining the essence of the true brutal death metal sound. From there, absolute insanity commences to consume all rational thought with …

review Wombripper - Macabre Melodies

Wombripper is a death metal trio from Russia that features in its ranks Andrey Petrov on drums, Daniil Kuskov on guitars/vocals and Konstantin Korolev on bass. “Macabre Melodies” is their second full length album after the debut “From The Depths Of Flesh” from 2018. What you will find here are ten tracks of ferocious death metal in the best Swedish …

review Uncle Woe - Phantomescence

Uncle Woe are a 2 man group hailing from Canada who take the simplest form of stoner doom metal and try to stretch it out into interesting, lengthy tracks. Following the structure of their debut album, their second effort “Phantomescence” bounces between short and lengthy tracks for a stretch of about 30 plus minutes of dredging guitar, plodding dr …

review Slit Your Gods - Dogmatic Convistions Of Human Decrepitude

Slit Your Gods’ “Dogmatic Convistions Of Human Decrepitude” is a 3 song EP with a running time of just under 14 minutes. The track ‘Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy’ starts out with a really odd intro which reminded me a bit of a mix of the backwards intro on Morbid Angel’s ‘Immortal Rites’ and Nocturnus’ ‘Lake Of Fire’. From there the madness kicks in an …

review Sxuperion - Omniscient Pulse

Sxuperion have been known to put out some pretty deep and fathomless releases and “Omniscient Pulse” is no different. The ambient factors are there, placed in a meticulous manner in which they are most beneficial to the material, invoking vibes and emotions all across the death/black metal spectrum. The riffs are of the chuggish fashion, once again …

review Panssarituho - Demo

Practically, at least for me, these Panssarituho are totally unknown… This is a metal band from Finland. I think this demo is their first work ever and with the three songs they present themselves to the metal people with all their violence. Here we talk about death metal combined with multiple influences but all attributable to the good old scho …

review Master - Alive In Athens

Master is no stranger to live albums, unleashing a rather consistent set list of tracks ever since 2000. They’ve been around since the late 80s and all over the place, from the U.S. to Czech Republic. Their sound has stayed true to its core for over 30 years despite recent lineup changes, with Paul Speckmann still showing he’s a beast on bass and v …

review Silver Knife - Unyielding/Unseeing

Silver Knife, from Brussels, Belgium, have released a very strong and poignant debut record in “Unyielding/Unseeing”. The vocals are very old school black metal wails, Ala: Burzum, Ildjarn, or moments of older Darkthrone. But this is not to say Silver Knife is derivative or cheap. The speed and precision of the drums, the cleanliness of the guitar …

review Initiate Decay - Awaken The Extinction

First release for the Brazilians and judging only by the name and logo you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a death metal release we’re looking upon. Breathing the reek since 2016, after two years they release this three track EP. “Awaken The Extinction” is a release of 2018 and their only one so far. Consists of three tracks that kind of tr …

review Crimson Sunsets - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Crimson Sunsets are back after 20-something years to finish what they started back in 1994. The band broke loose after their second demo in 1999 and recently got back together to record their first full length. Why now? Good question! Well… ”who the fuck cares”, could be a proper answer. The lads from Greece nailed it. Doom-death at its finest with …

review Disfigured Human Mind / Peste / Absurd

Disfigured Human Mind from the Netherlands is all about nihilistic noisecore and infernal schizophrenia from the undergrind. They perform improvised necro noise violent grindcore from the infernal sewers!!! Their side of the split is named “Apenas Ruído De Granito Maciço…”. After a hypnotic ambient synth ritual intro a grind riff breaks out of th …

review Bihargam - Ove Tenebrae

Bihargam has come quite a ways in their few years of existence since 2018. Originally a single entity known only as the ‘The Metalbaron’, the group has grown to a four piece that plays straightforward black metal with hints of rock and thrash thrown in. Think of them as an American mix of Dark Funeral meets more recent Satyricon. The tone is still …

review Embalsamado - Vasta Escuridão

Although “Vasta Escuridão” was recorded and mixed in 2014, it remained in obscurity for 4 years and was digitally released in 2018. It was not until 2020 that Embalsamado first full length album received a proper release from the Dutch label Murder Records as a limited edition to 150 copies cassette tape. The bells’ mourning chime and the synths of …