review Ruin Lust - Sacrifice

Grim and cold. That would be the best way to describe New York blackened death outfit Ruin Lust’s 2nd full length album. The group takes a mixture of what sounds like Behexen and Gatecreeper and puts it to great effect by showing listeners the grittier side of metal music while still creating plenty of ear catching riffs with a muddled production t …

review Eternal Delyria - Paradox Of The Mechanical Age

If one likes their music grandiose and symphonic with a base of melodeath meets black metal, then Switzerland’s Eternal Delyria is certainly worth checking out. Their second full length- almost four years after their first- is an opus of well crafted songs that feel like early The Kovenant and a bit of orchestral arrangements from Dimmu Borgir were …

review Killitorous - The Afterparty

Killitorous !! Don’t you know who they are? Formed in 2006-07, the band is formed of current as well as ex-members of Suffocation, Vital Remains, Annihilator, First Fragment and Immersed …. Is it enough for you? This “The Afterparty” is the second official album after “Party, Grind” released in 2014 for these Killitorous, bands that from their bi …

review Gut - Disciples Of Smut

Is there anything Gut can’t do? Perfectly executing catchy extreme metal as showcased on the album title track which boasts of a blackened sludge genre, whilst following track ‘Altar Of Domination’ serves as one of the most well produced sounding goregrind tracks I’ve ever heard. Further down the line the band are able to produce a plateful of vari …

review Shinigami - Ryu

Shinigami – a death thrash group from the Netherlands – have been around for some time (since 2014) but have only recently been gracing listeners with their rather catchy style of music since 2016. Their second EP -and offering to date- blends the music of Slayer’s “Christ Illusion” and Marduk’s “Wormwood” with a bit of death metal thrown in for a …

review Vader- Solitude In Madness

Vader is one of the more recognizable death metal bands in the world today. Right when you hear the opening ‘death thrash’ riff and bellowed vocals, one knows what they’re getting into. Alongside groups like Cannibal Corpse or Dark Funeral, they’ve stuck to a pretty steady formula that has served them well ever since their debut in 1992, this Polis …

review Artach – Chronicles Of A Black Winter

Artach has released, what appears, to be their first album (nothing else is listed on Bandcamp) in “Chronicles Of A Black Winter”. And the first track, ‘Eternal Black Winter,’ wastes no time in opening the band up to the world. 4/4 count by the drummer and then start! The album, after that blasting opening, then slows down and feels akin to the pun …

review The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Purgatory

There are certain bands that are considered ‘gateway bands’ to the metal genre as a whole. The kinds of artists that you know just have everything that will entice a brand new listener to a type of music that they may have never heard before. Typically, a new metalhead may be recommended Dark Tranquillity, Slayer, Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, Five Fing …

review Reptilium - Adrenochromacy

Second EP of four self-produced tracks for this band from South America and more precisely from Ecuador. “Adrenochromacy” follows the other EP “Conspiranoic” released in 2019 after one year. The strange thing is that I never expected, listening to all the tracks for the first time, that Reptilium came from overseas. Everything sounds so damned Euro …

review Disentomb - The Decaying Light

Sheer brutality. That is the best way to describe Australian brutal slam death outfit Disentomb and their latest offering “The Decaying Light”. It is a very surprising listen compared to their debut album all the way back from 2010, “Sunken Chambers Of The Nephilim”, which felt more like a muddled mess of a band trying to be another Devourment clon …

review Evoker - Evil Torment

Evoker come from Australia and present their first EP with the unmistakable title “Evil Torment”. Active since 2016, the three guys released their first demo in 2018 and only after two years they release their first official work. Evoker present themselves with a sound attributable to an old school thrash / blackened / death metal. 6 songs without …

review Deem Index - Mass//Minus

“Mass//Minus” is the second EP from Netherland’s melo-death act Deem Index. Taking a catchy guitar approach that would appeal to fans of earlier In Flames and a vocal delivery that can be compared to Threat Signal meets Dark Tranquillity. The album sets listeners up for a pretty decent slab of music. While they don’t do anything revolutionary compa …

review Chalice - Lost Connection

Chalice are death/thrash group from Belgium that have been around since the early 2000s and their music definitely shows it. Taking a pretty standard approach to churning death metal that is akin to groups like very early Sepultura and adding in some more thrashy groove elements like that of Soulfly. Their 2nd EP “Lost Connection” is a very brief, …

review Theophagist - I Am Abyss

“I Am Abyss” is the thundering debut from death metal group, Theophagist, where one looking for very catchy, mid paced riffs and somewhat understandable snarly vocals is going to find their fix. Hailing from Luxembourg, this five piece has done quite well for themselves crafting their material since 2015, and this albums was well worth the wait. If …

review Voorhees - Chapter Two

First album for these French death metal band called Voorhees, a band active since 2017 which by logo and name refer to Jason Voorhees from the “Friday The 13th” movies. “Chapter Two”, as we said, is the band’s first full length after the 2017 EP called “Chapter One” and the single of the song ‘The Lucky Ones Die First’ (later included in this albu …

review Disminded - Beheading The Snake

“Beheading The Snake” is the second album by this German band called Disminded. Active since 2009, this latest work comes after 2 demos, an EP and the previous full “Out Of The Ashes” released in 2015. Disminded play an impactful death / thrash metal that reminded me so much of the well-known but at the same time underestimated Dew Scented and in m …

review Destruction - Born To Perish

Well, there really hasn’t been much progression (musically) with Destruction for a long while, Hence the “C” rating on this album. Ever since Schmier re-joined the band, they had a couple of good releases namely “All Hell Breaks Loose”, “The Antichrist” and the compilation “Thrash Anthems”. Other than that, there really are no innovative riffs like …

review Wolftooth - Wolftooth

“Wolftooth” has been out for a bit and has had rave reviews, but as I sit here listening to it again, it was finally time that I sit down and write my own review. First off, rest assured that Wolftooth is not a “bandwagon” or a “copycat” band. What you are getting is 100% original music. The aural melodies are so hauntingly heavy and hypnotic, you …

review Twitch Of The Death Nerve - A Resting Place For The Wrathful

Picking up where “A New Code of Morality” left off, Twitch Of The Death Nerve’s new offering, “A Resting Place For The Wrathful” is a foot up the ass of those who might have thought that this was a “one and done” band. These guys have not lost a step in the years since their debut release. The riffs are sludgy and menacing as ever, with a distinct …

review Infector - Let The Infection Begin

From the land of cigars and salsa a band emerged influenced by whole lot of thrash metal bands. I’m talking about the Cuban thrash metal band Infector. Little is known about this young band but the members (Jose, Fabio and Franh) have created a full on no rest thrash metal style with no slowing down. With their debut album “Let The Infection Begin” …

review Azath - Through A Warren Shadow

Azath are an international band formed via members from the US and Canada. Following a trend of revisitation of the old school death metal world, Azath are able to execute this genre perfectly with a combination of influence and a touch of modern production making the album relevant in today’s scene. “Through A Warren Shadow” is eleven tracks in le …

review November's Doom - Nephilim Grove

“Nephilim Grove” varies from previous releases, it’s not as heavy. But when IT IS heavy, it’s thick and chunky guitar-work. The tempos are for sure slow, but that goes with pretty much every doom metal based band! For example, Draconian is a prime source for doom metal also and their tempos are pretty slow. The vocals on here are more clean than (i …

review Tzun Tzu - The Forbidden City

The Australian band Tzun Tzu (an alternative spelling of the Chinese military general Sun Tzu, author of the “Art Of War”, call their music ancient oriental death metal. Their lyrics deal with ancient Japanese history and what we have here on “The Forbidden City” are three songs of dark and heavy death metal. Mixed with the use of some traditional …

review Inculter - Fatal Visions

“Fatal Visions” is a dark album, the production makes the atmosphere that way as does the music. I like the riffs for all the songs, and the vocals have a tint of reverb to them. It makes the music seem to be more satisfactory. Musically, I’d have to say for a unique genre of metal, Inculter do a good job at identifying brutality within a thrash me …

review Henry Kane - Age Of The Idiot

After a full length of 2017 and a split cd following the same year, it was time for Henry Kane to release their second full length. Or should I say his, cos after all it is a one man band. Yep! The man behind Henry Kane is Jonny Pettersson known from his servitude in Wombbath and what he feeds us with here is a fine blend of crust/grind fermented i …

review Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet

This wasn’t well received by me at the first few listens to except for till I switched to a digitally downloaded copy I put on my Spotify. “The Vulture’s Amulet” by Lady Beast is about 40 minutes in length and every song (I think) is good! The music and the vocals were the highlights, absolutely. It’s a really enjoyable heavy metal album. Their voc …

review Testament - Titans Of Creation

This one is solid, but it’s re-visiting (again) the 21st Century Testament. It’s to me better than “Brotherhood Of The Snake”, but only in some respects. The riffs are fresh and probably most of the music was written by Eric Peterson. The leads by Alex Skolnick were good, just nothing like is “just starting out” days. I think he was better on earli …

review Beyond The Void - Ex Nihilo Nihil

Beyond The Void come from Strasbourg, France. “Ex Nihilo Nihil” is their debut EP and it was released in the dawn of 2020. The band was formed in 2018, but their members have a strong previous experience in the death metal/extreme metal/grindcore scene of their country with bands like Inhumate, Unformed, Apoplexy, Guilty of Reason and Bloody Pride. …

review Apocryphus - Eternal Suffering

Apocryphus are a death metal band from Peru, who’s influences range between mostly old school death metal bands such as Pestilence and Malevolent Creation whilst also maintaining an element of thrash into their field. Vocals are mostly raspy sounding and again give reference to the older metal style from the mid 80’s to the majority of the 90’s dea …

review Second To Sun - Legacy

Second To Sun come from Russia and they have been active since 2011. “Legacy” is their 7th full length album. In the cover artwork there are dark demon shadows in a summoning. The cover looks like images on ancient vases. What could make a more accurate title for the album’s opening track than ‘Devil’? The song begins with a ritual intro which crea …

review Cianide - Unhumanized

This is a pretty brutal EP, not to say that all of their LP’s aren’t because they are, just this one due to the production as well as access to the equipment that’s desirable for the recording, this one is one monumental piece. The riffs are heavy and thick, the tempos slow (for the most part). And the vocals are hoarse. But anyway, getting to the …

review Plague - Portraits Of Mind

OLD SCHOOL. This is the best term that describes perfectly the storm, Plague decided to unleash upon us with this first full length “Portraits Of Mind” of them. It is 2020 and while most of the death metal bands nowadays decide to go a tad more technical, these lads here stay focused on the way death metal was played back in the early 90s. Mostly i …

review Ad Vitam Infernal - Infernal Comedy

Debut album for this French two pieces band Ad Vitam Infernal, active since a couple of years and dedicated to a type of black/death with clear old school references. “Infernal Comedy” includes 8 songs, very similar to each other, that take inspiration from the old death metal scene like Centurian, Morbid Angel, Immolation and Deicide… but also f …

review Ruin Lust - Choir Of Babel

I’m way new to Ruin Lust. I did some research and saw these dudes, from New York, have been around since 2011. Not being familiar, I checked out their previous offerings. They were all shredders. Their upcoming LP, “Choir Of Babel”, is a step above IMO. I feel the writing has improved, their sound has matured and this “cavernous” production fits th …

review Odious Mortem - Synesthesia

With 3 ex-Decrepit Birth members (Joel Horner on bass, KC Howard on drums/guitars and Dan Eggers on guitars) plus Anthony Trapani (Severed Savior, ex-Carnivorous) on vocals in their line-up, Odious Mortem instantly are an all-star technical brutal death metal band. The band was born in the boom of brutal death metal that happened during the late 90 …

review Architectural Genocide - Cordyceptic Anthropomorph

Right out of the gate, Architectural Genocide’s “Cordyceptic Anthropomorph” is an unrelenting, infectious beast spreading its fuming and insanity laden gospel to all who will listen; and lovingly shoved down the throats of those who will not! The music is somewhat unique in that it has the vibe of such bands as Nile, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, and C …

review Iron Flesh - Forged Faith Bleeding

Iron Flesh are an old school death metal band hailing from Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France that started out their life in the year 2017 and have been very productive ever since. With two EPs, 2017’s “Worship The Necrogod” and 2018’s “Scourge Of Demonic Incantations,” and one full-length, 2019’s “Forged Faith Bleeding,” which we are discussing …

review Gorevent - Fate

This CD starts off with an almost industrial type methodology to its delivery. Kind of what it would sound like if Godflesh played brutal death metal. The riffs are pretty traditional for the type of material played; however, the tone and vibe remind me a bit of classic Sepultura around the “Beneath The Remains” or “Arise” era only played with more …

review Earthsplitter - Earthsplitter

Formed in 2017 in Linz with a good sense of black humor and another binding factor the desire to make good thrash metal the band Earthsplitter was born, the members (Marvin, Daniel, Stefan, Mathias and Julian) try to make every live show a total chaos and are not afraid to stir things up. In the beginning of 2019 the band was making songs and in th …

review VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC - Austrian Dukes Of Derangement

I have seen Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot twice in Bulgaria, once in Varna and once in my hometown on the bench of the river Danube – Ruse. I still remember that I was blown away by the absolutely unique sounds that vocalist Franz Stockreiter was getting out of his throat. Together with Werner Kniesek on guitars, those Austri …

review Tribe Of Pazuzu - King Of All Demons

Second EP, one year later from the last one, for this USA/Canada all-star blackened death metal band. “King Of All Demons” is the second effort for this ensemble that included people like Flo Mournier (Cryptopsy, Vltimas) on drums and John McEntee (Incantation, former Mortician/Immolation) on rhythm guitar. For this EP the band was reduced to a thr …

review Nightbearer - Tales Of Sorcery And Death

Excellent beginning for these Germans guys, arrived just 2 years after their birth, to release, through the increasingly active (and on time) Testimony Records, their first full length entitled “Tales Of Sorcery And Death”. This work (released in December 2019) confirms how much good the band had made us notice when in 2018 they released under Unho …

review Aeons Confer - Zero Elysium

To be frank and honest with all of you right from the start here, I am not usually the biggest fan of bands that have the word symphonic attached to their, so-called, genre tag. Now I do know that I may be limiting myself to a point here where I could be missing high quality bands that I may find to be very good. Yet, for the most part, my instinct …

review The True Werwolf - Devil Crisis

Finish black metal band, The True Werwolf, on Werewolf Records has released a new album – “Devil Crisis”. The opening of The True Werwolf’s “Devil Crisis” features a slide of sound along the neck of the guitar – something I associate with a specific style of technically playful guitarists. This sound shows up a few times in this opening track, ‘My …

review Pestifer - Expanding Oblivion

Third official album for Pestifer, Belgian band active since 2004. This “Expanding Oblivion” comes about 6 years after the previous work, quite a long time for a young band like them. Before getting an idea of this album, I had to listen many and many times all the tracks contained on it. “Expanding Oblivion” is not an album of easy description and …

review Mesmur - Terrene

Dark veiled guitars and obscure synths of an early Dead Can Dance occult atmosphere open the album. The ritual drums march on as the riff spreads its wings to something out of this world. What I am listening to is an acoustic theme coming from a mixture of cold wave with post rock. Suddenly a really very low-tuned distorted guitar followed by the b …

review Wombbath - Choirs Of The Fallen

Wombbath remain in the history of Swedish death metal with their impressive debut from 1993 “Internal Caustic Torment”. The band reformed in 2015 and released three new full-length albums. The third one named “Choirs Of The Fallen” is the subject of this review. What we have here are 10 tracks of typical old school Swedish death metal made by peopl …

review Red Dead - Forest Of Chaos

This is the very first time I’ve heard something about these Red Dead, french trio active since 2011. This “Forest Of chaos” should be the second official full length after “Therapy Of The Evil” published in 2017. Fortunately it was a nice surprise because these guys have released a really interesting album from all points of view. 12 songs, includ …