Painful Defloration - Antihuman Antisocial

For those seeking 'antisocial' music, no genre creates a wall of sound to separate themselves between listeners and musicians like grindcore. And Painful Defloration is no different. Their third full length album just rockets through fourteen tracks of pulverizing music that is just visceral to hear... and very quick. Most of the tracks don't last longer than two minutes. However, the entire thing is so heavy and brutal that it basically feels like one big track. The drums are constantly in overdrive to compete with the roaring and shrieking vocals that just sound like they want to murder someone, and the guitars are so heavy and repetitive also that much of the technical beauty is somewhat taken for granted. This is just a freight train of music, and very few who hear it will be able to stand after. Speed and power is the name of the game.

Tracks like "Subcultural Genocide" are so fast that it becomes almost impossible to pick out what is what. The guitars almost sound like the drums with how fast they chug away and with the wall of noise created the vocals tend to be shrouded over and difficult to hear. As a result, this may not be one of the highlight tracks. For a more bearable grindcore piece, try "Profit For Golden Coffins." It is still a very heavy track, but at least it pauses every once in a while to let some of the bass be heard before plunging back into sonic annihilation. These guys don't fuck around, that's for sure. Despite the obliviation within the music, there is a subliminal beauty to the layered sound the band has created and put forth. It isn't exactly Napalm death, but it's also better than Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky, which sounded like a jam session than real music. At least this is semi-real music with semi- real effort. The best track by the band on this album isn't even one of their own; at least they keep SOME originality to the Deep Purple cover so it sounds more like rock n' roll grindcore, and for once, doesn't obliterate anyone listening off the map.

If one is into grindcore- fantastic, then this album is for you. For those not familiar with the genre- be warned. This album is not for the faint of heart. It is like walking into a building that is demo rigged and pushing down the plug yourself and hearing everything crash around you. But, it is deathly, and damned heavy goodness. Those who go to see these guys live in concert will surely be sucked into a mosh pit for sure!

  1. Don't Stop Violence
  2. Grind Till You Die
  3. Subcultural Genocide
  4. Stand For Nihilism
  5. Lack Of Reality
  6. The Loud Underground
  7. Beyond All Lies
  8. Antihuman Antisocial
  9. Of False Authorities
  10. Alone But Strong
  11. Profit For Golden Coffin
  12. Hatred Gave Me Wings
  13. The Gallows Swing
  14. Commin' Home (cover Deep Purple)

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 22, 2011

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