Panchrysia - Massa Damnata

The fourth album in a long line to come, Panchrysia continue to unleash their harsh, yet haunting take on Black Metal with 'Massa Damnata.' Following the more philosophical side, they avoid the conventional topics such as Satan and killing Jesus. Much of the music here is in the vein of groups like Marduk- mid paced with guttural, unique vocals that sound as hateful as the lyrics they spit without being cliche at all. Tracks like "Black God" even have a bit of melody and rhythm to them rather than being overbearing, fast tremolo picking that usually can be a bit too much on the Speed Metal side. "In Gloria, In Excelsis" is probably one of the fastest tracks on the album without doing too much to tweak the usual Black Metal formula from these guys, but it is still sounds raw and powerful without losing its dark edge and will appeal to fans of groups like Glorior Belli.

"Rebel Angels" does an excellent job at shifting between fast and slow and sometimes merging the two in between with melody, especially in the middle where the chords are lengthy and foreboding with the percussive drums in the background. "The Curtain Of Darkness..." is an excellent mid paced track, but the vocals aim almost for a rough singing mixed with Black Metal that doesn't exactly work overall, but adds a nice attempt at something unique; near the end of the track there is a more choral effect that works better. The music mixed with the tracks is almost Black n' Roll with a bit more rhythm compared to the rest of the music but still remains harsh and raw. Altogether, 'Mass Damnata" is a good release to appeal to almost any Black Metal fans or those who like a bit of Rock element to go with their harsh Metal.


  1. The Praise Of Folly
  2. Massa Damnata
  3. Black God
  4. In Gloria, In Excelsis
  5. The 13th Horseman
  6. Of Rebel Angels
  7. The Curtain Of Darkness And Death


Shiver Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Apr 25, 2012

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