Pandemia - At The Gates Of Nihilism

The current situation in the death metal scene makes it difficult for me, frankly, to distinguish one from other: clean guitar sound in the brutal death metal, furious blast beats in melodic death metal - in general, extreme music does not stand still.

When I started to listen Czech band Pandemia, I initially was confused because I wanted to define the style. The first thing that was bewilders me – intro on keyboards in the spirit of symphonic. In the slow second song, I heard notes of old school death metal, plus not very low vocals. In general, then I listened and listened, noting in passing some inclusions: anywhere from death metal, anywhere from black metal. In some places, their music is epic, in others - melodic, and very, although I would not to assign them the style of melodic death metal.

In the end, I just relaxed and started to listen to music Pandemia, defining for myself the style of the band just as death metal. As I said earlier, there are powerful slow riffs, epic, catchy refrains. Probably every fan of death or extreme music will find here for him something of their own, because here there are as high-speed blast beats, as also a lot of other different things.

Not to say that music of "At The Gates Of Nihilism" are overrun with all sorts of effects. As I read, the musicians have been playing for a long time, since 1995, and during that time, they managed to share the stage with famous metal monsters. Apparently, this experience has allowed them to do simply, easily and without undue enthusiasm, for example, at the beginning of the song ‘Nihilistic Age’ phrases on electric sitar and other similar inserts, while remaining within death metal.

If to speak about each track specifically, then one way or another, I would note everything from the first song. Entry keyboards in ‘First Blood’ done very well: it introduces us to the atmosphere of the epic and some anxiety, disturbing us with their harmonies.

Next song introduced me at first to err by their not fast riffs and guitar ches (strumming). ‘Rotting In Mold’ reminded me vaguely the creations of such bands as, for example, Amon Amarth: slow, with refrains. Naturally, the song of Pandemia band has nothing from viking metal (especially because this style is determined more often by the text).

In addition, I would single song ‘Godless Bitch’: it did not fast and not devoid of distinctive melodies. If to say about the ‘Cult Of God’, it is ideal for fans of something quickly: there are many tyupa-tyupa and blast beats.

I think I still will not list all the songs. Only in conclusion, I would like to note another song ‘Killed’, which starts immediately with the blasts. It is also one of my personal likes by its melodies, riffs, tempo changes, etc.

  1. First Blood
  2. Rotting In Mold
  3. Nihilistic Age
  4. Godless Bitch
  5. Cult Of God
  6. Warmonger
  7. Under Barbed Wire
  8. Killed
  9. Harlots Of War
  10. Zyklon B
  11. Broken Soul Of The Dying Soldier
  12. After Thy Thought (bonus Song)