Pandemia - Feet Of Anger

I had seen these guys name about in various publications so I was quite eager to hear this CD despite it's rather silly album title, but hey never judge a book by it's cover right? Right, so the music then.....

Upon opening the music sounds very grandious and quite epic ala Behemoth but with hints of their earlier black metal sounds. The production is very clear and heavy but quite punchy. I really liked the drum sound on the recording I have to say. Flawlessly executed!!
The whole album is rotten to the core with death metal drawing influences from Death, Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower and all the old classics. I also really liked the lead guitar work on the album which sounds like mister Azagthoth himself at times. It's quite an intense album its gotta be said although if anything a very long album which kinda take from this intensity. There is even a cover of their Czech brothers, Krabathor, which may I say is a scorcher tune! And now that I mention, Krabathor, they can definitely be heard in their sound. Unfortunately it's not all good, there are a few tracks on this album which I think take from the pace of this album. Tracks such as "Twisted Faith" (although a single from the album but in my opinion one of the weakest songs on the album) and "Human Error" in my opinion shouldn't have made the final cut but then thats just my opinion as they take from the fast blasting brutal pace.

"Feet Of Anger" is a real good album packed with top notch muscianship and blasting tunes, definitely worth a checkin out! Don't be surprised if they follow in Behemoth's footsteps in the ladder of success!

1. Blind Sense
2. The Void
3. Behind The Reason
4. Locus Delicti
5. Twisted Faith
6. Progeny's Debt
7. The Frozen One
8. Epitaph
9. Human Error
10. Anger Of Blood
11. Unnecessary (cover Krabathor)
12. Death Symbols

War Anthem Records
Reviewer: Connor
Feb 15, 2010
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