Pandemia - Riven

Czech death metal monsters Pandemia delivers their third album after 3 years of silence. Pandemia always stayed true to the real death metal roots. But are they still? Well, yes but they add more depth in the songs. A bit slowed down but way more structures and dark threats. And even a guitarlead can be discovered. A logical development and for me the right step. The album needs some listeningrounds but than you will like it too. Pandemia still is one of the best dm acts from Eastern Europe!

1. Riven
2. Scream of destinies
3. Weight of wisdom
4. Legioon beneath
5. Us and them
6. Dispirited
7. A place under the sun
8. The outbreak
9. All alone

Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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