Panikk - Discarded Existence

This is classic Thrash from Slovenia, heavily influenced to my ears by the likes of Death Angel and Forbidden but maybe a slight Violence-ism in the vocal. The strength and viciousness is paramount and it shits all over the re-sergeant scene of a good few years ago, simply because they make the songs their own and don’t try to imitate others to the letter of the thrash law.

‘Sedated In Utopia’ is precise and tight in its riffing, the constant barrage and momentum takes you to the starry scene of the bay area and high fives you on the way though the time changes. ‘Individual Right’ does pretty much the same but adds a slight power and prog trash to the mould, a cool take on a mixture of offences. Whilst ‘Eyes Don’t Lie’ again follows the pattern of the whole release you can still find favour. The package and album as one effort combine some of the greatest near greats of the sub-genre if you take my meaning. It should be up there with the greats I feel, it’s a strong album.

From start to finish, the trash on offer here may take a familiar role throughout the album, but the way it comes across is precise, refreshing and head and shoulders above some of the newer thrash bands that haven’t quite got the art, like Panikk have, of taking influences and creating your own music from those. "Discarded Existence" is a nice thrash album, stylistic enough to generate fresh interest without sounding too much like those albums that have gone before.

  1. Instigator Of War  
  2. Sedated In Utopia 
  3. Under Pretence  
  4. Individual Right  
  5. Rotten Cells  
  6. Discarded Existence  
  7. Eyes Don't Lie  
  8. Reconstruction  
  9. Outro