Papa Wheelie - Live Lyncanthropy

Another side project of Jason Newsted and this time he plays punk metal rock. Not only the vocals but also doing the guitars now with some filfth sound and wicked leads. The songs are in mid and up tempo. Also some real punk songs in high tempo. These recordings are from 2002 and are taped in front of very few people according to the rumours between the songs. Although it is not worldshocking the sound is raw and real without compromises to any kind of form.

1. His scales are his pride
2. Give it back
3. The real me
4. Unipsycho
5. The telephone song
6. Fireface
7. Transfiguration
8. Sink like stone
9. On & on
10. Encore

Chophouse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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