Paramnesia - Paramnesia

This is also Paramnesia's first full length release, hailing from France. Some of the best metal bands come out of France hands down. This band is also a one man project Pierre Perichaud who is a drummer. I always love when drummers create an entire studio project and it's simply amazing.

Now for the skin grating spiral that this record encompasses. In "IV", Only distress and sorrow follow us. We will continue to cry out to nothing with little sense of hope. A fragment of light that you have to squint so hard to see you've almost shut your eyes. As the track goes on it's hard to believe he's got more left to give. Although broken and beaten there is still more to bleed out. It's really awesome how the the vocals are a nice mix of regular screaming and DSBM style vocals. The next track "V", totally reminds me of the beginning of the last Deathspell Omega album, Drought. It has that great dismal, bleak and down trodden vibe to it. Just trying to keep moving but barely being able to. The drummer gives the track more dynamics by not blasting the entire time. He switches up the beat through out the 20 minute track enough where it stays fresh and gives it a better textural landscape. Once again the clean parts on this album are simply gorgeous.

If your a fan of that dismal and spiraling down DSBM sound but want something more of its own thing, then Paramnesia is for you. Keep up with this band cause I know I will.

  1. IV
  2. V

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
May 17, 2014

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