Parasophisma - A Variable Invariability Varied In Dependency On Variations Caused By The Invariability Of Invariability Remains The Same After All The Variations Have Been Done

The third record of the Czech experimental band represents a crossover of different styles from aggressive hardcore, viking riffs to funky even jazz pieces. It is more violent than the previous ones but it keeps melodic structure with nice clean guitars that go mad to distortion, blast-beats and growls. Bizarre, atmospheric male and female vocals are often heard as well as flute either whiffer, all treated in a progressive way with tempo changes and great composition. You can also feel psychodelic atmosphere with electronic influences. To conclude great experimental crossover from Parasophisma so get a weed shot and take a listen.

1. The Contrariety of Someone´s Generally Recognized "Common Thoughts"
2. Infiltration of Impossible Ways of Attainment
3. The vain effort of pedanties
4. Slave´s laughter of hypocrisy, dissimulation and daily life
5. Paralogism & Sophistry
6. Tips and Tricks for Successful Attaining One´s Goal (for Women Only)
7. The law of double negation/Song of thirsty dog
8. Who Rejoices is Happy, Who Saddens Not Rejoices
9. ...with Accuracy Exceeding the Possibility of Its Achieving...

Zero Budget Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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