Paroxysmal Butchering - Supreme Revulsion

"What's a pederast Walter? Shut the fuck up Donny! This piece for those who don't know is from the movie "The Big Lebowski", which so happens to be one of my all time favorites, and is used by those seriously demented gentlemen from the States in one of their songs as intro! Now how can you not love a release like that, which besides its awesome music has references like that one to the songs?

But let's start from the beginning. Paroxysmal Butchering is a relatively new band. They breathe death metal reek since 2007 and actually this is their first full length (2012) and only release! So what will someone come up with when he pushes the play button on "Supreme Revulsion"? Brutal death fucking metal of course. In its wildest and most xtreme form! Yes sir. Those sick fucks from California have managed to create a slaughter pit in only 29 minutes. Women screaming, the sound of a chainsaw ripping its way through guts and bones and of we go with 'Anally Siphoned Innards'. And damn me but there couldn't be a better intro song. Takes you straight to the spine of this atrocity, and lets you know what will come after! Horror ladies. Just pure horror! Those dudes here know how to serve sheer brutality to the audience! No fucking distracting 10 minute soloing or xtra rolls on drums. Plain and simple. When their talking death metal, they mean hunting season, with the listener being a pray easy to find and fun to kill, again and again and again! The songs roll like water and the whole point is that you won't understand how time will fly from start to end! Ofcourse this has to do obviously with the small duration of the songs, but also with their ability to compose a tight and intense song that has a certain flow, obvious go along with!

The third and fourth hearing ends and as the fifth time starts, you realize that all this time you've heard that shit over and over again without wanting to stop, without wanting to eat something. For fuck's sake you will almost pee in your pants. Great guitar riffs, that sometimes swirl, and others just puke everything right in front of you! A drummer that rarely catches a break and when he does it is only to throw salt on your wounds and then carry on slicing you apart. A bass guitar that highlights all the edges this brutal piece of wrath has making the whole release sound fatter and larger than ever. And last but not least, a growler that knows no other way to sing, but only to rip his throat of! Various vocal lines, from growling to inhaling vocals, to itchy screaming and back to growling again! Awesome performance on his part and a general awesome performance from all the members of this band of lunatics. The production is at the same scale as everything on this release. Just perfect. Everything is heard loud and clear. Everything has its special place and nothing is hidden or misused. dirty as it should and itchy! This first full length of them certainly creates high expectations. And there is no point on having those expectations, from the band which stated that the new songs they are composing make those one look really small. Damn it how worst can it get. Fans of Dying Fetus, Deeds Of Flesh and Cannibal Corpse. I think you just found your new toy. The rest of you who don't like this, can just shut up. It's time for Paroxysm now and you're not invited!


1. Anally Siphoned Innards     
2. Cadaveric Disgorgement         
3. Chemically Castrated     
4. Shitstorm Of Perversity     
5. Turnoffs Include Consent         
6. Cocooned In Entrails   
7. Scourge Of Malevolence     
8. Retching On Virulent Rectal Exudation   
9. Axiom Of Suffering   
10. Macrocosmic Eradication   
11. Acephalic Rape And Disembowelment     
12. Ingurgitating Putrescence

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 16, 2013
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