Parricide - Patogen

Awesome tight as hell percussion, and intelligent use of the whole drum kit, vox that are a storm of gastro-intestinal malaise and heavy riffage, all the better to bludgeon your nervous system with. Parricide are a fine example of brutal death-grind at its brutal finest. There is a lot going on in every track to keep you from getting bored upon repeat listenings.

Parricide released some pre-millenial demos and rehearsal tapes and a couple of full-length CD's before signing to Mad Lion for which "Patogen" is their second release. This record was done in 2005, and one would hope that this kick-ass centro-nervo system terror quintet from Poland will continue to serve up more intelligent brutality in the near future.

1. Deep Village (Intro)
2. To The Seemingly
3. Interpretation
4. Symbols?
5. The Evil And The Good
6. Patogen
7. Here's The Source Of Indifference
8. In The Name Of...
9. For What
10. Masquerate II
11. Maybe It Was Him
12. When A Villege Is Out Of The Window
13. Daughters And Sons Of Eternal Star
14. Politics
15. Subconscious Terror (cover Benediction)
16. Polish Beautiful Village (Outro)

Mad Lion Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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