Parricide - Sometimes It's Better To Be Blind And Deaf

Started in 1990 as death metal and have evolved into grindcore to produce an album that’s quite a smack in the face of complacency at first listen. This full length release is the band’s first for about 4 years, recently split releases have been issued. One other factor I picked up upon is that the drummer also plays in Blaze of Perdition (Vizun).

‘Old’ hammers you into the ground and starts like the album should. Of course there is the mad grind assault you would expect, but I like the breakdowns and death metal grooves that occur towards the end of the track.  This continues at a slower pace into the following tune ‘We’ll Surely Meet’. The real nasty stuff occurs with ‘Just Poland’ after the intro tape, full on grind assault, reminiscent of the older scene, thankfully with some integrated standard beats and blast beats thrown in for good measure and the style continues into ‘Smuggler Jack’ that actually has a Carcass feel to it as there’s a touch more guitar work and groove. The grind sections have obvious comparison to Birmingham’s trailblazers from the early to mid-period, a lazy comparison but it’s hard not to think of Napalm Death when you play this.

The rest of the release follows a similar strong pattern, ‘Talented’ and ‘Real Patriots’ shows character and all in all, this is a pretty good release covering both sides of the genre spectrum. Check them out if you don’t know them, they are in line with other Polish outfits like Squash Bowels, quality grind with flavours of the old scene peppered amongst some relevant updates.

  1. Old 
  2. We'll Surely Meet 
  3. Just Poland  
  4. Smuggler Jack  
  5. I Don't Change  
  6. Supermarket And Me  
  7. My Property 
  8. Real Patriots  
  9. Stunners  
  10. Dillemas Of A Young Warrior 
  11. I Hate Tattoos  
  12. Talented 
  13. I Am The True Warrior

Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 5, 2015

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